Logged off because Account Information Changed: ..What?

Had the same thing happen to me while sitting and chatting with a friend in my covenant hall in Bastian.

This just happened to me too. I was just going about my business in Korthia and all of a sudden got dc’d with the “account information has changed” error message. Scared the hell out of me so I came right here, lol.

Just had it happen to me as well. I wasn’t afk but about to hand a quest in. I was logged out with the same error as others have reported but have no issues logging back in.


Two of my friends just experienced this as well. They were playing, all was fine, then they DCed. When they tried to log back online they received the error that their account information had changed. (One of them even has an authenticator).

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I got the same message while in the SoD raid actively during an encounter.

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They should both have a authenticator You realy cant take chances.

My account had this happen to me the other day and now I woke up to my BNET logged out completely. I have changed my password twice since. Someone help please, I am currently back on my account… but I went to asleep and the info is changed again? Keeps saying on activity it’s from Montreal Canada, When Im in New brunswick.

There are no GMs here. You would have to file a ticket, though the very first thing you need to do if you have not already - put an authenticator on your account.


From the customer service forums…

and last of all, the one that should be read is:

You do realize this thread has been silent for 9 days now, and you’re pretty much linking posts from this very thread all over again?


… the thread you’re quoting from is also the thread you’re currently posting in.