Error: BLZ51900062 - Account info changed

Sounds like good advice.

I was in the middle of doing the assault for the Night Fae when I was hit with it. No email message, just a random d/c. I as able to reconnect easily as well.


Just happen to me also. I also checked my account nothing changed so I hit the log out all devices button and then changed my password just incase.

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Same happened to me, panicked thinking I was hacked, but nothing had changed.

My only guess is that my play time rolled over from “1 month” to “29 days”.

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I just panicked cause this happened to me about 2 minutes ago. Was flying into Thunder Bluff got disconnected and received this error message. I bought game time today earlier wonder if that caused it. Nothing with my account has changed! Was able to reconnect and get back in.

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Yep. This just happened to me as well. Keeping an eye on this thread till we get any updates.

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Same happened to me during a key.

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Also just got this but I was afk at Oribos flight master doing nothing when it happened. Subscription isn’t due today.

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Same issue here, in the middle on M+ Sanguine - thanks for update on the blue post!

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what blue post

A post from Vrakthris seems to answer that it may be due to work being done causing accounts to believe data has changed. (Essentially just moving data around).

I’m not 100% given the tentative wording of the answer but it’s all we’ve been given for now.

Recommend everyone check to see if their passwords were changed on the 27th. Mine evidently was, and that was the day this entire thing happened. Bringing it up in the event others are dealing with this as well.

Just got this error again mid-raid, thankfully during some trash pack.
Given I’ve already experienced this once, and it was said it may be due to server data being shuffled, I’m not sure why my data was shuffled a second time.

Anyone know if Blizzard has a news post or Official announcement on server work yet? Or are they just letting players suffer the anxiety of seeing a message regarding their account information.

Happened to my account, 27 Sep, ~10AM PDT.

If this is going to be a regular event, Blizzard, where you’re moving database stuff on the 27th of the month, wouldn’t it be prudent to communicate that information to your playerbase?

Maybe using that launcher you’re instead using to advertise for Competitive PvEsports?

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Happened to me as well today September 27th
Was booted out and got message “account info has changed
Was able to log back in.

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Just happened to me. No emails saying anything was changed. SMS and Authenticator protected.

Same here. 9/27 at 11:27pm MST. I was disconnected from Blizzard services with this error.

Ditto. 0145 EDT while healing a Torgast run. Thank God the paladin is bulletproof.

Just happened to me once I opened my time walking reward cache. 9/28 7:00pm~ AEST.

Yep happened to me!