Disconnected due to Account Info Change

I was just running around Goldshire, minding my own business, when I suddenly got disconnected from the game with the following error message: You have been disconnected because your account information has been changed. (BLZ51900062)

I checked my account: no new sign-ins anywhere else except where I’m located. I also didn’t receive any authenticator code notifications on my phone. But I decided to change my password anyway just to be on the safe side.

So is this some sort of glitch? I read some other threads mentioning how players were getting disconnected with the same error message a week or two back due to some data migration. Curious if this is happening again, or if it really is some kind of issue on my side - like something really did change on my account without me noticing.


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Just had same issue happen to me, I was in Hellfire.

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i would like a blue post answer this also just had the same thing happen to me and changed my pw. everything else looked okay.

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Fwiw, it happened to me on the forums. Feels like it may be an authentication server hiccup.

This happened before due to changes, though it might not be related to the above thread.


Indeed. This was originally caused by some data migration happening on the backend earlier in the month. It does look like there is similar work happening at the moment.

Sorry for the confusion, all.


Awesome, thanks for the clarification!