Issue with Guild Chat Channels

We experienced an issue today that affected guilds’ chat channels. As a result of this, we have lost all guild chat history and custom channels for guilds that had members log in for a portion of today. Other aspects of guilds, like the bank and roster, are unaffected.

We are actively investigating the matter and will update you if anything changes.

Thank you for your patience.


FYI, my guild calendar entries seem to be gone and I can’t make new ones. Bank is fine and the roster is not accessible thru the standard UI. (/guildroster to get the old one is working.)

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In case anyone else has anxious guildies who are panicking upon logging in, you can use the old school command /gmotd to change the message of the day to let everyone know that the guild does still exist.


I was wondering why I could not see the members of my solo guild to change permissions, this might explain it.

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I assume Community stuff was untouched as well?

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I hope it gets fixed soon. I feel naked without guild chat. REEEEEEE.

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What data is lost anyway?

Probably stuff like “X Player Looted Y Item” and whatnot. I am not sure what other information would be able to be lost. Probably previous chat logs, but it is what it is especially since gchat itself isn’t functioning atm.

I’ma snapshot my guild bank’s money in case that just magically vanishes too.


Good idea, gonna do the same for mine.

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There is also a issue with blue posters and pvp forums, clearly you have forgotten about it.


Guild rep gone too, not on all servers though.

Seems like such an odd issue out of no where Right? Maybe it has something to do with the patch?


We’re using a created chat channel for our guild chat at the moment. Use something like: /join Guildname_chat


Unfortunately many guildies don’t know the old / commands or have forgotten them.
I can see people login and I’m trying to grab them before they panic as much as possible lol.

What I meant by this is that one person who has permissions to change the guild message of the day can use /gmotd to change the message so that, as people log in, it will inform them.

Its ok things will be better in 8.3…

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Well, I’m happy I bought longboi with gold from my personal gbank three days before this happened…

Was the first thing I fell back to for my guys, just hit the old school commands.

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WOW Channelocaplypse 2020

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