My guild has been destroyed?

Hey all,

Looks like they temporarily disabled Communities to stem the tide of additional “my guild was destroyed” messages while they work to address the overall issue.

We sent a tweet out:


No the guilds are effected too…all events have disappeared from calendar and no guild chat

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“Communities” also includes guilds. This should prevent people from getting the “You were removed from %g because it was destroyed” message, which is a little bit alarming, until they resolve the problem.


Yes, they disabled communities so that people would get the alarming message that their guild had been destroyed. They are currently working on getting the overall guild issue fixed.

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It’s up on Breaking news in the Launcher now.

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Hey folks,

Looks like Community put up a post.

I don’t have any word about the calendar, but that is the news we have so far.


Aye, I set up the breaking news for the launcher and when folks log into the game. I also updated the twitter post with the info from the Community post in General Discussion.

Hopefully that allows as many people as we can to see the information and that it is being worked on.


Your guild is intact not destroyed its the hub guild and community are down due an a issue my thing is down too but i can see people in the guild and i can see my guild on the top of name.

You can also just /gmotd [message] to update the guild message

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Thank you sir!

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Glad to see this is being worked on.

It’s been more than a few hours. Seems like they having a trouble?

Not necessarily trouble, but a resolution isn’t always readily available. They also need to make sure the fix does what they hope as they don’t want to scramble community chats. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, sometimes it is not a matter of a simple fix. The fix for this particular issue in and of itself may be extremely easy.


It breaks this aspect over here. Sometimes it is an extremely simple fix and sometimes it can be a long complicated fix. And then it needs to be tested for stability etc.

Glad to see a message on the launcher. This one is just a patience game

Same issue for our guild on Thrall, thank you for looking into it. I had some panicked folks asking why I booted them from the guild. ><

Also, ours is not just chat. We have no guild tab, no roster. We do still have a gbank though. /shrug

It’s all related. I believe you can use /groster to bring it up but it should otherwise be visible again once the issues are resolved.


seems to be fixed now at least it is for me :slight_smile:

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It may need a log out and back in, I don’t have it up yet but I’ve been playing while they were working.

Guilds just needed a little break from the game.