Guild screen and guild chat stopped working

Happening on Moonguard Alliance as well.

Happening on Silvermoon as well…

You guys are all failing to realized that this is the work on N’zoth who is seeping into all of our guilds and destroying them one by one until there are none left. It’s only a matter of time before we destroys players too!

We are going through the same thing as well ysera/durotan. Which is a bummer because we are a large guild that doesn’t rely on discord.

Ugh my guild was affected too…this is inconvenient when your main selling point for recruiting is the fact that you are a social guild and there is no way to access gchat lol I hope this gets fixed soon!

I was super confused but I’m at least glad to see I’m not the only one having this issue

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Same thing is happening in my guild too in retail. You can only see who logs on, and achievements. But can’t chat.

Same. :confused: I keep trying to type, and nothing.

I’m having this issue as well with my personal guild Wish on Korialstrasz…

Same issue here in retail for all my characters/guilds. No guild interface, no guild chat. Guild notifications are working.

Adding one more to the list, same thing for all my characters in guilds on three different servers.

I can access the guild bank, calendar events and see myself and others on the /guildroster but have no guild chat or see guild on Guild & Communities tab.

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Glad I not the only one with that problem I have it too.

I’m also experiencing this issue. I see my guild’s Message of the Day when I login, but cannot see the guild interface or guild chat.

I am also seeing this issue. I see the MOTD on login, but no guild chat, and Guild & Communities looks like I’m not in a guild. /groster and /ginfo function as expected.

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Happening to my guild Asargths Vanguard as well, one of the officers in my guild brought it to my attention. Can find my guild listed in the guild finder.
After testing a few characters on various servers and different guilds only have one character who the UI is acting normal for.

Same Here 9:05pm est problem not fixed…

Honestly that can be very bad for some guilds as the one im in as some players think they been removed from guild or whatever so really hope blizz is working on it. If i was them i would definitivly close servers until fix…

Guild Chat Broken, so is community.

Pre 8.3 bug already.