Issue with Guild Chat Channels

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Not that you can still see the full guild roster using /groster

Officers can still manage guild activity using the old UI (invite, promote, demote, kick, etc…).

You can update GMotD and achievement toasts still display.

Just an update, it appears that guild communication and faction communities have been restored.

If you’ve been logged in since the issue was going on, log out, small update and then guild/chat/roster is working again. Update is like 101MB in size.

Has this been fully resolved yet? It seems like some guilds are fine and others are not. We actually created a guild about 5 minutes before this happened and gchat is still not working for us. Also, one of our members is in the new guild we just created but his chat was linked to the old guild he just left, which was pretty awkward…

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My friend told me I got kicked out of the guild and the GM was mad at me. I logged and saw no guild so I fell for it at first but then saw I had a login message from the guild so I figured the guild thing was down. Was a pretty good joke.

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Update won’t install…

In light of these guild chat events, I’m really gonna be diligent in getting all my stuff out of the AH before Tuesday, just in case the AH updates somehow create havoc there.

/moo :cow:

Any idea when it’s going to be resolved

I am still having an issue with my GUILD, ALL my other bank guilds are good, just 1 is having issues with the Guild Roster and controls.

This issue back again?

I like IT stuff and i’m not that knowledgeable in it as much as i would like, if you or any community member here would like to explain the tech / coding that would cause such a weird bug to manifest and hit live servers that would be nice. And of course i know the typical “you fix one bug 10 more come around” Coding song joke.

It appears to be. I can see the guild message of the day, and at least my own achievements in guild chat, but I can’t see guild chat itself.

And in no way am I going to try the Bliz fix that is delete my toon and restore it.

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Funny thing up until a hot moment ago i didn’t realize this thread was necroed because I have experienced this issue with my guild in the beginning of the year and it caused a lot of people to quit the guild because they thought up stuff like the guild got transfered or other things.

Yeh I had same issue last year. Its why I went digging for post that had a blue response on it. So I knew I wasnt mad… :slight_smile:

Of all the times you could have possibly used Something’s not quite right, you choose not to! …but seriously, what a weird bug.

you should have started a new thread - necro a year old one is just confusing for people

Why start a new one? Old one covers the issue and has a blue post? How it that confusing for anyone that can read ?

Because the blue response is providing false information now or can you guarantee this applies right now