Problem updating wow and what happened to my guild?

See statement above.

Edit the title. You are attempting to use masked profanity.

Fellow this thread for updates on the guild thing.

That still dose nothing to answer my problem thanks

Your question has already been answered. I am merely making a suggestion.

Negative… I still can’t update wow… my guild has been compleatly emptied of its members and I can’t file a ticket because of blizzards ticket system. You cant even get passed the submit screen

Alright, that’s two edits for language so I’m going to lock this. I’d rather not have to suspend posting privileges simply because you may be frustrated.

For updating World of Warcraft I would start with one of our Support Articles if you haven’t already.

Though it would help to understand what you are experiencing exactly in order to better advise you. If the troubleshooting steps located in that article do not help, post in the Technical Support forum.

As for the guild issue, Tolna linked the relevant thread about your guild that can be found in this forum. That is also ignoring the Breaking News that is visible in the Desktop App, or the Breaking News that is in-game providing information on the issue, the Tweets from the @BlizzardCS twitter handle or the Community Post in General Discussion.

I understand sometimes these matters can be frustrating, but it helps to take a breath, avoid violating the Code of Conduct, and allow others to provide what advice and direction they can.