Honor calculations

It appears that the “Yesterday” and “This Week” sections of the honor tab are not working.

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Bump. Showing nothing for yesterday.

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Can confirm im experiencing the same


Seeing this too

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I can confirm that we had a bug with the display in-game. We believe that it was just a display issue, and should be repaired during the next daily reset.

Thank you for the reports!


seems to have not calculated again and the honor page still doesn’t show the information correctly

Weird, it calculated for me but not for my guildy. We’ve both logged. No clue if mine is accurate.

My “yesterday” and “this week” sections are still at 0 HK/honor, but I am killing alliance daily.

You say that “We believe that it was just a display issue”. Are you able to confirm this? Rather not see all these hours wasted and set back a week behind everyone else.

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Same as others, I see my HK’s but still no honor displayed… Going to be pretty upset if my honor isn’t counted.

my alt has the same 4 kills from tursday still

When is the daily reset? Mine is still blank.

Still not fixed and some HKs are just straight up gone from my total

Yeah, mine still hasn’t updated as well. Other guildies it has updated though

Mine doesn’t make any sense.

71 Honor kills today.
68 Honor kills lifetime.

3 Gone to the abyss?

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Yea, mine is showing 0 honor too. I’ve got almost 1400hks and I realllllly hope I get credit.

this is extremely annoying as i’m trying to be in bracket 1 and i don’t know where i stand for 2 whole days now.

i have no idea if i need to go harder or can ease up or even if my method of getting honor is good until this is fixed.


I’ve got the same thing happening Swirly, totals don’t even add up correctly

Can Blizzard confirm the honor we earned will show up?