Honor calculations

Hopefully it is just a UI error.

still can’t see my honor 2 hours later.

Same here HK’s are showing up under Lifetime but nothing for yesterday, this week, or last week. No honor is showing at all. I reset the cache didn’t do anything.

Still not updating for me

I still can’t see my honor from thursday or friday.

still bugged… please give us an update at least

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Unable to see my honor from thursday onward. Please fix asap, this is really lame.

Same issue here. My level 42 alt character’s honor has updated and is showing correctly but my rogue is still showing 0 honor for the week even though I have over 300 solo HKS… would be a shame if I did not get credit for any of them.

after logging on multiple characters my honor started showing; i have no clue why this would be the case

I tried this as well as a cache wipe and nothing… yet one of my alts honor is showing… starting to worry here thinking the HKS haven’t been recording

I tried that too. No honor, and all my kills got moved over to lifetime. Still says 0 hks 0 honor for this week

Mine is working now but it says I have 251 lifetime HK’s and only 241 HK’s this week. Makes no sense.

As of now mine just shows HK’s for “today” and “lifetime”. Everything else just shows 0. Same problem for 1 friend, whereas another friend on the same faction and server has theirs calculated properly.

Mine’s now working.

my kills from thursday arent counted, hope blizzard fixes this…

I’m missing a days worth of honor. It partially updated for the first time today.

Still not updated for me either

Daily Honor calculations and roll overs don’t happen at the same time every day either, meaning that a ‘day’ of honor is entirely dependent on when the rollover takes place on your character. My day’s worth of honor for Friday was something like 28 hours. This feels like a lot more than a ‘visual’ bug.

Yesterday’s (saturday) honor and hk have been wiped on the display. The day reset and all kill from Saturday no longer reflect anywhere…seems like the fix broke something else for some of us…

I wonder if the honor roll overs are supposed to be at different times of the day for each character? I hope blizzard provides some clarity on how they intend their honor tab system to work. This is causing a lot of confusion to the player base :frowning: