Problem with weekly hk's and honor

A lot of people have the same problem from what I have been reading. The honorable kills and honor gained from last week are showing as this week’s gains after the reset instead of last weeks. Which means that everyone with this problem is without a rank. I am curious if there is a proposed fix or not, thanks :slight_smile:

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They are ignoring us.

hopefully they are just investigating the issue

A little confirmation of that would be nice but they like to watch us all sweat

Just joining the chorus. I seem to have this issue.

To clarify - I have the issue on my 60 druid, Stillwound.

Same issue here. My honor and kills are saying they are for this week

There was a blue post a few days ago stating it was visual bug. For some reason I dont believe it

i dont think its a visual bug, its a bug with the pvp system. I think that if we had ranks internally in the system then wouldn’t the ranks be in our name titles?

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Just relaying the blue post in the bug tracker forum

thanks, looks like it will be resolved tomorrow when the reset happens.

Yup, same issue here. Incredibly frustrating to see everyone else with their ranks and their trinkets. I guess I’m not allowed.

This is a very old glitch going back to vanilla. Fix: Don’t be logged in when the server does the weekly update. It sometimes causes this glitch for whatever reason.

The same can happen with daily honor resets too, but nobody cares abut that as much really.

I wasn’t logged during reset, still don’t have mine, not the fix.

Even better. Its a new glitch that we have no clue where it came from then lmao.

That was days ago and not related.

Have you been duped out of your honor from shady blizz employees? Call 1-800-URHONOR for instant up front honor at no extra cost to you. Our representatives will be standing by, call now!


They are flat out ignoring us at this point.

wowhead is reporting ont he issue now. Where the f are you bliz