Yesterday's HKs at 0, lifetime at 48 instead?

So I did a bunch of solo pvp yesterday, netting myself a nice 48 hks, and I log in today, only to see that my hks for yesterday are 0, and instead those HKs are in lifetime? What gives?

Maybe a bug or something

oh yeah, maybe I should have posted it in the bugs subforum…

Does today’s HKs still show up as 48? Cause it seems like that bug is still happening.

blue post has already addressed this, it should be fixed on the next daily server reset.

Ah cool, is it going to be retroactive? or was yesterday’s kills for naught?

The HK’s are still correct. The UI being incorrect does nothing.

where is the blue post that already addressed this? I do not see it.

Honor calculations

They intercepted your combat logs, and you ganked one level 30 Blizzard Employee Character too many.