Honor Tab - Honor for yesterday

Had 842 HKs as part of our Raid pvp battles, after reset today…0 Honor.

Is this the same broken Honor tab we had in Vanilla where nothing was accurate till weekly reset?

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All shall be forgiven, just give me the stone Marius


My group was wondering this as well. we all got around 2K HKs yesterday and havent seen any honor update.

Honor accumulated through the week and every Tuesday it shows changes with titles.


Nah…it literally says Yesterday - Honorable Kills and Honor.

Did you even look at the Honor tab before you replied?

Once a week chief.
Welcome to 2006.

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This is just factually wrong, chief.


Honor was only adjusted on a weekly basis in vanilla. Every Tuesday we waited to see our new rank

honor doesn’t update till reset?

To the people saying something to the effect of “ONCE A WEEK LOL”, realize that your honor for this week is calculated once a day. Notice the Yesterday and This Week tabs, which are not functioning at the moment. Critical reading skills PLEASE.

For the people saying ‘Once a week’… your memory is for crap.

Goneham already posted the blue Link. Read it.

RANKs are calculated once a week. Honor is calculated daily.

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ITT: People who don’t know that honor calculates every daily reset and RANK POINTS calculate every week.

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My ‘yesterday’ is still from tuesday, not the real yesterday, which was wednesday/ Im guessing my honor is lost but trying to get a Blue to respond to this issue/getting a ticket answered is nigh impossible. I feel like there is no customer support, or if you do get someone it is something they cannot address and drop it. OR the worst is when they say wait for reset, it comes no fix and then its truly gg.

Same thing here, seems to be two days of missing hk’s/honor for me at least.