Honor system ranks

It takes time. It will update sometime today.

No it’s always been 11AM EST (Arena and RBG resets as well). Why you live under a rock.

edit, it’s also always been 9AM PST.

Honor farmed =/= Rank points

If you farmed 42k honor you probably were in a bracket that didn’t give you enough to offset the 20% per week decay as well as get enough RP to get to the next rank.

LoL…this guy. Cluebus,

Thanks for the quality contribution to this thread.

yeah Tiesun, the issues isn’t that he doesn’t know how honor works. It’s the fact that again, there are people awarded ranks, and those who haven’t been awarded ranks.

The ranks are broken…like they were last week. Clue #1.

42k honor at rank 5 will move you to rank 6:regardless of competition. We are rank capped right now meaning no one will be above a certain rank. We wont see a HWL till we are weeks in BGs. Clue #2,


I tihnk the frustation comes when some people are awarded ranks and others aren’t. Ex. Half of my guild recieved ranks, the other have didn’t and are still looking at last weeks honor as current in their honor tab.


ive got the same problem. ive been awarded 0 rp this week so far even tho everyone ive talked to has

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amen brother

it’s 2PM est and my rank hasn’t update, i Re-Logged and still nothing :frowning:

Still no updates here. 103k honor last week. This happened the first week as well. Wtf.

I was at 48k honor yesterday and ended up getting another 10k last night for a total of 58k. I log in today and it says my honor for last week is 38k. Did this happen to anyone else???

My honor rank did not update for the week either

Likewise, no update to my rank. Identical percentage to last week’s. Still counts my honorable kills for “this week”, when I haven’t done any after midnight on Monday (which is last week’s honor in reset terms). Moreover the number of HKs is incorrect for the week. Fully relogged and restarted the client multiple times.

Happened to me too. I was around 52k honor yesterday. After the rollout today I’m at 27k. Cost me a rank.

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same here lecter, all of my buddies same thing happened as well. something is wrong here

There is a blue post explaining the situation:

Definitely not just a display issue for some of us. I should have gained at least one rank based on my activity last week, but have not. Can confirm this when interacting with honor vendor NPC–can’t buy items for the next rank.

UPDATE: At about 3PM EST / 12PM PST my PvP rank has finally updated.

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Inadequately resolved, too slow.