Honor, still not fixed

First off, how can a company as big as blizzard have no 1800 number, tickets feel useless as I have had one open for a while now. It’s almost like they are trying at all costs to constantly redirect you, that alone makes me feel like they just don’t give a crap, but going to try one last time here in the forums.

So last week, the first few days I had about 30 kills a day mostly solo, but some with a friend, as the days went on I noticed I was missing a lot of my honor kills and honor. I started looking it up and noticed they mentioned how there was a bug and honor wasn’t being displayed correctly. So I left it alone, but I was keeping track, although the first few days I didn’t. But I had a rough idea of where I was at.

Then come Tuesday morning I get up before work and I check my honor tab, and I was at around 259 hks and 23k honor points under “Last week” I was like sweet so it was keep track because I know I was about that much as I was earning between 3-5k per day in honor. So it seemed right. (Before Tuesday morning it was way off, something like 105 kills and 7k honor FYI)

So after I go to work, I come back later in the evening excited to check out what rank I was able to get to and I check my honor tab and my last week changed from 259ish and 23k honor (I should have taken a picture of it, but it looked fixed) to 166 and 14k honor.

I’d like someone to check it out and fix it, because if issues like this can’t be resolved in a timely matter than this whole thing seems like a waste of time and I want a refund, no customer support and just a plain waste of time, since only half of what I did is counting.


They did have one and people called it for all sorts of things that GMs couldn’t help them with. People would wait on hold for hours to be told the same. Now they have a system where if it’s something that can be resolved via a call back (Tech support and Billing) then the option will be available to receive a call back.

As for the reason it’s difficult for you to open a ticket for your specific issue, it’s because a GM can’t fix it for you. In fact, it would appear to just be a display issue.

I’m not sure why Nobully’s link isn’t working for me (Edit: it’s working for me now) , but I’ll try to link it here too:


Like this one.

GMs really have nothing to do with bugs. They could pass along the information, but you can also submit an in-game bug report or post in the bug forum. GMs cannot FIX bugs.

I’d recommend reposting this in the bug forum. Once I’ve replied I really can’t move it.


It’s not just the honor tab tho, with 9000 honor missing my rank is still the same, so it’s not even just a display thing issue, it’s ACTUALLY NOT counting honor. They specifically said, all kills are recorded just not showing up correctly. Well that’s wrong and a lie,

They aren’t showing up correctly AND they are not keeping kill count correctly, I know this because if my kills had counted my rank would have changed.

Which I am sure is frustrating, but nothing CS or a GM can assist with, this sounds like a bug and that is totally in our Developers wheelhouse.