[H][Area 52] <Umbral Ultimatum> LF Healer/RDPS! LGBTQ+ Positive AOTC/Mythic guild! Fri/Sat Late Night

Hi all, this is Huhi and Kyrnanaya of Area 52! We’ve created a new guild and are looking for members.

We have 23-24 members currently, are looking to extend the roster to around 25-26. Spots from fight to fight will be determined by performance and fight design.

What we’re looking for:
*People who want to break into raiding.
*People who are looking to learn and be more proficient players/raiders.
*Night owls who can’t make other times work but still want to raid.
*LGBT people who want a safe and fun place to raid.
*Seasoned raiders who are looking for a nice, chill, and positive place to play.

*Discord - We’re a vocal group, comms will be a must! Talking of course is optional, but you have to be able to listen.
*Good attitudes - Positive vibes go a long way!

Raid times will be 9:30 PM- 12:30 AM PST on Friday/Saturday. Our goals will mainly be getting a group together who can get a solid AOTC and from there we’ll start to build a Mythic team! The two of us are well versed in running raids from WoW to FFXIV and we are looking forward to making sure the team is as much a well oiled machine as possible.


*A RDruid would be nice, but hit me up.
*RDPS - Hunters would be great, any range feel free to message me though
*Melee DPS under very specific circumstances, only looking for very strong melee players

Please contact pistonfists#6274 on Discord or pistonfists#1839 (Huhi) or Kyrnanaya#7369 on Discord (Kyrnanaya) for more info :slight_smile: Happy Shadowlands everyone!

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Let’s raid together! If you’re still apprehensive about raiding we’re happy to help get you into the scene!

Sending this up! Come raid with us!

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Sending this up again! Let’s raid together :slight_smile:

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I added you on bnet! :slight_smile: I’m interested in learning more about the guild and possibly applying.

Hi Azray, sorry I didn’t clarify! In the first post that’s my Discord name, not battlenet. Feel free to add me on bnet at pistonfists#1839!

Evening bump! Getting a nice group together so far :slight_smile:

Good morning boards! Another day of looking for new members!

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Bump before bed. Add me, lets talk! :slight_smile:

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Up for today! Hit me up on Discord, you know you want to :slight_smile:

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Sounds incredible. Came back to BfA after a long break several months ago (been playing since Vanilla) and I’m looking for a new family moving into SL. Frankly speaking, this sounds like the perfect place for me. I’d like to get back into raiding (was quite active in select expansions), I’m a night owl and typically play 9pm-1am PST (I have 2 young children), I’m a 110% LGBT ally, and just want a chill, fun, positive atmosphere that still has progression in mind. Have discord, extremely positive attitude, and seem like a great fit.

I have most classes maxed right now, but I’m a healer at heart. I recently decided I’d likely want to main Disc, but I’m also flexible for the needs of the guild. Resto Druid has been my main in BfA, and whatever I end up maining, happy to fill with an offspec whenever necessary. For example, happy to fill that raid dps role as shadow and off heal.

Already send a bnet request and willing to transfer servers! Cheers!


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