[H] "raider retirement home" 8/8H 1/8M LF RDPS & Healer Mythic Prog

Guild and Server: “Raider Retirement Home” [H] – Tichondrius
Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday 8:30pm – 11:30pm EST
Current Progression: 8/8H 1/8M - newly formed
Recruitment Contacts: Discord – majiggs#0782 or Katliana#3289
Application: _https://forms.gle/fpSHTqsjW4efTgbE6
Needs: Healer (all by druid), Demon Hunter (high), Lock (high), Mage (high) Boomkin (high-resto offspec preferred). All applicants will be considered. We bring the player, not the class.
Requirements: 420 ilvl, 55 HoA, 10+ key every week

About: Ran by former CE Raiders over multiple tiers, we are a community of friends and gamers that have real life responsibilities, but still want to kill bosses at a reasonable pace. We are a 2 day raiding guild, and with only 6 hours a week for raid, we will expect players to show up on time and be prepared for the fights. However, we do not believe that raiding should feel like a second job, and we provide anything you would ever need to become a successful raider from strats to consumables and more. We only have a few hard requirements, and are looking for raiders to stay on pace of their other raiders.

We are also a community outside of raiding, and enjoy pushing keys, doing pvp and just generally having fun together. The guild is very active and you’d be hard pressed to find a night that we don’t have groups of people hanging out in discord and doing a variety of activities together. We also have an optional alt run on Sundays for those of us who have alts, or for friends and general members who are not part of the main raid.

We are seeking players who want to progress at a decent pace and be a part of the guild community as a whole.

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I want mages and boomies to show me what love is. Innervates and mana cakes make me warm and fuzzy inside.

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Still looking for mages & boomies!!

Want them range bois!

Almost raid time, wish you were here! :wink:

Need a big strong man (or woman I don’t discriminate) to be my tank hero! :heart:

Mages Boomies & Tank please

Tanks where you at? We’ll treat you nice I promise. :wink:

Tanks get exclusive up close and personal experience with Azshara! Get your spot today!

Still looking to add a few :slight_smile:

Weekend hype!

come get it, 8/8H now, join us for Mythic!

Late night (or early morning) bump! Need some solid healers and dps so we can start mythic! Great group of people who love progression and having fun! :smiley:

yes listen to nurse, come join us for some mythic prog fun!

Come join the mythic fun

doing an alt run tonight too, come join us :slight_smile:

Still looking to add some, come along :slight_smile:

still looking for mythic raiders

Monday bump! Whose ready to open their box of disappointment tomorrow? :stuck_out_tongue:

where are all of the mages??