[H] "raider retirement home" 8/8H 1/8M LF RDPS & Healer Mythic Prog

Fun guild - Great to find a place to be an adult and kill bosses

Tuesday farm night, come join us

Still looking to trial casters and a healer tonight for the reclear!

Still looking for more ranged, especially a mage.

Come join the mythic prog fun!

Mage, where you at?

Bump bump it up

Good morning! Time for some mages to come around here

Starting Mythic tonight! Wish you were here :wink:

1/8M Hype! Just need a few more solid players so we don’t have to pug. :slight_smile: Radiance and Behemoth dying next week! Come join us! :heart:

1/8M solid guild. we pushing for bosses and getting em

good morning, give us some casters for pushing!

Let’s kill some more bosses!

Where are all the mages at??

Saturday bump!

Good Sunday Morning, let’s get some casters

What even is a caster?

Trials open for Tuesday on Mythic Sivara!

Monday is here, we still have spots open for Tuesday :slight_smile:

bump, where the big dps at?

Let’s kill some bosses tonight!