8/8h 430+ h dh+ hpriest lf mythic guild on a52

Both the dh and priest are 430+ 8/8h (with previous 7/9m bod experience) as the title states looking for a mythic focused guild. One quick note before we go into everything we are not looking for a mega guild, and we are looking for core spots. We can provide logs upon request.

About us- we have been playing since vanilla, and have raided mythic content in previous xpacs as well. So we would like to find a guild that is looking to clear mythic as its end goal. We dont neccesarily need a fully established roster we wouldn’t mind a guild that has had been down on its luck, reforming or just a new guild of experience raiders trying to lock in the last few raid spots to get back into mythic. Either a 2day or 3 day raid week will work for us.

Availability- we are available from Monday-Thursday 7:30pm-11pm est these times are absolute no real room due to work schedules.

What we are looking for- a semi hardcore guild that wants to clear mythic. An active guild outside of raid days is important to us. We enjoy playing our alts so a guild community that does alot of things like m+, alt raids, or even dabble in some pvp that would be a huge win.

To reach us please add sparkytiz#1491 or lunaspark#1158.

Hey there! if leaving the server isnt a complete deal breaker, i think you should check us out!! We are looking for a good dh and shadow priest. Willing to help good players transfer.

It is especially on mal ganis

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Not looking to xfer

Up it we go

Hi there! We are looking for a couple more to add to our roster for mythic prog. I’d love to chat if you are available.

Discord – Katliana#3289

Our spam is listed below:

ok ill add ya