[A] Few players looking for a mythic raiding guild

3 players here looking for a mythic guild.
Classes are as follows: Rogue, holy paladin, ret paladin. One of the paladins have a ww monk available as well but its a slightly newer toon so its a bit behind on azerite and whatnot. All of the stated characters are 430+ ilvl.

As far as experience goes, the rogue only started playing wow during bfa, and is currently 8/8h & 3/8m, parses are almost all 90+.
The holy paladin has been raiding throughout the years since wotlk(i believe) on multiple classes, is 8/8h & 3/8m, parses are all 95+ on the non mythic clears.
As for my experience, I have not raided much of BFA, the last tier that i raided frequently was during mythic guldan(I do not have any recent logs and a lot of my old logs have been removed). I have also raided almost ever tier since the start of wotlk. I can also potentially play whatever class that the guild might be lacking although it would take some time to catch up in AP.

Preferred times for raids would be during the evenings.
If interested in us, please post your guild information as well as a contact method.

Hey Kosaki!

I’d love to talk with you more. We are returning mythic players looking to get into the content on our own terms. I’d have spots for all of you if you are interested! Add me.

Pep Talk is a newly formed guild on (H) Illidan with the purpose of enjoying content as a community. Currently pursuing end game content in pve/pvp and eventually moving into mythic raiding.

We are looking for anyone interested in joining our community. Previous raiding experience is not needed and we are willing to help complete mythic + to help gear.

We raid on Saturdays and Sundays 9:15-11:45 eastern. Groups will start forming around 9:00 eastern to be as efficient as possible. Flasks and food will be provided.

Transmog runs and pvp groups will be set up periodically throughout the week as we gain more members.

Contact : Arc#11310 Bnet
Arc#9996 Discord

Raid times : Saturday/Sunday 9:15-11:45 eastern

Guild: Efficient
Faction: Alliance
Server: Stormrage US
Raid Teams and Recruitment:
►Weekday Team
Progression: 4/8M Realm 11 US 184
9/9M Realm 13 US 255
Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 8pm-11pm EST
Recruitment Needs: Exceptional DPS, Disc Priest and/or Holy Paladin!
►Weekend Team
Progression: 3/8M Realm 43 US 721
8/9M Realm 47 US 800
Raid Times: Friday & Saturday 8pm-11pm EST
Recruiting for: Healer & any exceptional DPS
Visit our website to apply!
Have questions? Discord: Kàrmâ#5681 or Battlenet: Karma#12379

Hi there! If you open to switching to Horde, we would have room for all of your. I’d love to chat if you are available. Our spam is listed below:

Heyyy Kosaki!

Think of how refreshing a fresh start on Mal’Ganis would be! We might have room for you three, I would need character names/servers to look at logs to be certain.

Arcanum is 3/8M Eternal Palace (with Lady Ashvane to 37%)

So far this expansion our team has earned:

  • 9/9M BoD Cutting Edge
  • 8/8M Uldir Cutting Edge

Mythic Raid Schedule
Tuesday: 8:00PM PST - 11:00PM PST
Wednesday: 8:00PM PST - 11:00PM PST
Thursday: 8:00PM PST - 11:00PM PST

We have a super quick and easy application
www.arcanum-guild .com

We also do a ton outside of raid!

  • Sunday Guild RBGs @ 7:00pm PST

  • We work hard to ensure all 120s finish a +10 key for the week

  • Normal/Heroic Eternal Palace Alt Raid Fridays at 6:00pm PST

  • All Monk Normal Eternal Palace RaidSaturday @ 3:00pm PST

  • Extra Alt Normal/Heroic Eternal Palace Raid Saturday at 6:00pm PST with a guild on The-Scryers

  • There are always people online willing to jump into a pug, run keys, do arenas, go on an achievement run, answer silly questions

Any questions? Need more info? Please message me on Discord at kat#3105

Want to apply? Go to www.arcanum-guild .com

still looking

Soft Serve on Dalaran Alliance side may be interested in your group. Contact me on bnet, Mute#1292.

We are 3/8m and raid tues and thurs 8-11 est


Would love to chat with you further.

Uncommon Sense is an Alliance guild on Proudmoore. We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST, with an optional Heroic/Normal run on Sunday.

Battle for Azeroth Progression

  • Eternal Palace: 3/8m
  • Crucible of Storms: 2/2h
  • Battle for Dazar’alor: 9/9m Cutting Edge
  • Uldir: 8/8m Cutting Edge

Legion Progression

  • Antorus: 11/11m Cutting Edge
  • Tomb of Sargeras: 8/9m
  • Nighthold: 10/10m Cutting Edge
  • Trial of Valor: 3/3m Cutting Edge
  • Emerald Nightmare: 7/7m Cutting Edge

For more information about Uncommon Sense, please visit our Discord: https://discord.gg/uyEe57p

If you’re interested in talking more, please add me.

  • Discord: Justify#3562
  • BattleTag: Justify#11282

8pm EST might be slightly too early for raid times for weekdays, 9 or so would probably be a better time

Apeiron-Kel’Thuzad is recruiting for The Eternal Palace. We are 7/8H and 2/8M. Raid times are Tue/Thur/Sun from 9-12cst, (Note: These times are strict and we do not extend them) Open spots for all exceptional players. High Priority for:

Tank: OT/DPS
Heals: Shaman, Paladin, Monk, Priest
Rdps: Mage, Shaman, Warlock
Mdps: Paladin, Rogue

We expect all players to know the fights and do proper research before stepping in, and how to utilize their CLASS in the best possible way. We expect mistakes to happen, however, we also expect players to learn from mistakes. Simple things like proper azerite traits, flasks, pots, food, enchanting should all be done or obtained before raid times. We are looking for players that are always trying to find a way to improve themselves and the raid team as a whole

Trial period lasts anywhere from 2-3 weeks depending on your performance, with longer trial periods to be expected during after progression. If we think you are amazing you will most likely be promoted quicker. During trial period you are expected to provide yourself with all the necessary items to be competitive in the raid environment. This includes addons, gems, enchants, flasks, pots, a reliable internet connection, and knowledge of all fights we have on farm + any progression bosses we are working on.

If you are interested in joining please message Avi (Avi#12246) or Genza (Aokiji1551#1128) in-game and we can answer any questions you may have.