[H][Malorne] <Suit Up> |6/8M|2-Day Guild LF DPS & Heals

Suit Up: Connected Realms: Malorne, Stormscale, Spirestone, Rivendare, Drak’Theron, Firetree

About Us: We are currently 6/8M Eternal Palace, previously 7/9M BoD, 7/8M Uldir and 11/11M Antorus [Cutting Edge]. We are a semi-hardcore 2 night a week raiding guild that pushes for CE while having fun.

Recruitment: We are recruiting Any DPS with an emphasis on Ranged DPS for our Mythic Core Roster. We are wanting to fill out our roster and strengthen our core as we delve deeper into Mythic Eternal Palace. We are looking for any Class/Spec in those roles. All solid DPS please apply.

Schedule : Our core/mythic raid nights are Tuesday/Thursday 6:30-9:30pm PST. We also occasionally do a Heroic clear on Monday nights at 6:30-9:30pm PST.

Benefits: We provide the raid with Feasts, Flasks, Gems, Enchants and Repairs, all paid for. We are also fairly active outside of raid nights and regularly do Mythic+.

If you are interested in joining please contact us via Discord or Bnet:

Lestatt#8745 (Discord) // Lestat#1184 (BNet)

5/8M Ret, Havoc DH, & Hunter/Mage
4/8m CE xp Spriest lf 2 night guild
H 441+ ele shaman. Any day, any times
(H)Mage LF Mythic-Former XP
445 Affliction Warlock 67 heart 3/8M looking for guild Tychondrius
437 mm hunter 4/8 M Lf mythic guild
6/8M Boomkin LF mythic guild
[4/8] Pre Nerf 438 Fury Warrior LF Mythic raiding guild
Zupai DH 4/8 M- looking for a Raiding Guild
Delete Post
[h] 445 disc priest lf ce raiding 6/8m ep
442 Disc/Holy (MultiHealer/Multi CE) LF Guild!
436 Equipt Boomkin 3/8m
436 boomy LFG
[441 RESTO SHAM] Looking for a forever home!
430+ monk and druid LF new team
3/8M Mage LF Late Night Guild
440 Resto Sham LF 2-3 Day Myth A/H
438 monk 4/8M pre-nerf LF guild (H)
Delete pls <3
3/8 rogue lf mythic group
NO longer looking thank you <3
LF new guild 5/8m mage 65neck
439ilvl, 65Neck, Mage, H
(H) HPriest Fire Mage Hunter 3/8M LF Guild
I will farm for your guild
440-443 ele/resto shaman lfg
435 Ele Shaman LF mythic guild
SPriest 4/8 M LF raiding guild
426 Spriest LF Heroic or early Mythic raiding guild
434 Shadow Priest looking for mythic guild
436 boomy LFG
438 spriest LF guild
[A] 440 disc priest 3/8M LF Raiding guild
441, 3/8m Boomie LFG
438 Spriest LF guild
448 5/8m MW has home
438 spriest LF guild
439 3/8M Lock
2 raiders LFG
[H] 434 Boomy 3/8M LF guild
5/8M Disc priest
7/8M MIstweaver Monk Looking for Mythic Raiding Guild
441 Fire mage 7/8 M LF EST raid guild
445 Resto Shaman Looking for Guild
6/8M Boomkin LF mythic guild
7/8m Boomkin+ 7/8m rsham
446 4/8M BM Hunter LF M Guild
[H] Frost Mage Looking for Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild
Demo Lock LF Guild
449 5/8m MW lf guild
445/443 Resto/Bal Druid lfg
4/8M Ele Shaman Looking for guild
Returning Spriest/Warlock
5/8M Balance Druid LF Guild
Elemental Shaman LF Guild
Shadow Priest and WW Monk LF Guild
434 Shadow Priest looking for mythic guild
5/8 M Ele Shaman LF Guild
Returning Resto Shaman LFG
Delete pls <3
8/8H 433 Disc Priest LF Mythic Raiding guild
Spriest/Holy offspec LF CE Guild

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