[H] <Jellyfish> 11/12 m - LF Ranged friends for SL! - Wed/Sat raids

Jellyfish was formed at the end of March 2020 on Zul’jin by some longtime WoW Friends.
We managed to get 11/12 NYA Mythic quickly, with the goal of being a casual mythic prog guild.
We strive to be better after every wipe, and still have fun with it on a light schedule :slight_smile:


  • AOTC every tier with mythic prog after that.

  • Not hard pushing for CE. We still are a MYTHIC guild. We expect people to go through logs (or ask for help), make changes when asked, keep their characters competitive and be a team player!

  • If you don’t have a lot of time to play, but want to play to the best of your ability and kill bosses…We might be a match for you!

  • We do Mounts, mogs, achievements, pvp, m+, dueling tournaments and transmog contests.

We are looking for FRIENDLY, talented players to add to our ranks.


Wed 9-11PM EST + Sat 8-11 PM EST


  • One Ranged DPS
    Exceptions could be made for the exceptional :slight_smile:

Mythic raiding experience a plus, BFA AOTC raiding experience preferred.


  • 18+ (mostly 24-30)
  • Nights and weekends are our most active times.
  • We have no room for elitism or rude people ~


Add me on discord if you have any other questions Fifth#3710

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Come check us out a fun achievement run this tuesday!

bumpy !:))

Big bumpin

Good folks here, can confirm. Hi Kirrah!

HII!!! :wave::wave::wave::wave:

We are 4/12 now! and a 25% pull on shadhar so … soon 5! WEEE!

And shadhar is down :slight_smile: Xanesh next

Bumpy bump

Looking for a warlock!


raden and drest down in one night! still open for warlocks or other spicy ranged

Vexiona next !

Any interest in a BM Hunter?

Hi! Sorry for the late reply! We’re always interested in more ranged and more friends! :slight_smile: Fifth#3710 on discord if youd like to chat!

Could use a ranged DPS (warlock preference) or a holy pally :open_mouth: for our roster for shadowlands and to wrap the tier!
(no goals for nzoth, but carapace tho…)

Woo 10/12!! Lets get that 11???

Nice pulls on carapace! Would love another warlock :slight_smile:

Carapace down!

the Among Us / Jackbox bosses low key unbeatable :eyes: