Returning player looking for guild- Light Raiding

Hi everyone!!!
A bit about myself, I have been on and off since release, and most recently played the beginning of BFA, before it quickly lost my attention. While i joined a guild of nice people that are fun, I found they are maybe a bit too casual for my liking, and would like something a little more. Unfortunately, over time, most of my friends that came to the game with me from Everquest and other MMO have since left the game, so I am really looking for a good fit to continue my game experience, and gain some new friends.
What am i looking for in a guild?
Friendly people that understand its just a game. I am not looking for another full time job. I do favor teamwork, and always try to do my part. I dont need too much in terms of raiding, maybe one day a week, two max, and it doesnt have to be cutting edge or high end, just looking to have some fun and learn some mechanics. Guild dungeon runs are my favorite aspect of the game, although i probably wont be pushing mythics super hard. I am looking for a guild large enough to have a decent amount of people to talk to, but not too large where everyone is accepted and it becomes a cluster. Basically, if you start your response off with “were constantly pushing CE” i wont be impressed, thats just not for me, but all the best to you! If you start off by stating how much fun you have together, and that youre a long established guild with a good history and low drama, thats where i want to be!
What is my availability?
Currently it is fairly open, with everything going on. If things get back to normal, Hockey is my number one hobby, and limits the nights a week i can consistently make raids. That said, Monday nights, Saturday mornings/Nights, and Friday Nights are usually open, with Monday night being the best night to raid.
Plans for Shadowlands
So, i am coming back pretty late into an expansion that i didnt quite enjoy. While i am not certain to consider BFA a loss and could maybe get to a “raidable” spot, i am more looking to prep for going forward.
As far as who will be my main, thats up in the air, and could be potentially partially influenced by guild needs, but my front runners are BM Hunter, Havoc DH, Fury Warrior, or Warlock. By Shadowlands launch ill also have max level Shaman, druid, paladin, and possibly monk, but those are long shots to main. I will likely focus on one ranged DPS and one melee DPS with a tanking offspec to play considerable levels during the expansion.
I will be leveling another character to check out the new experience, but likely casually.

Mostly considering Horde at this time, tried alliance in BFA.

This is long enough! if you have any more questions feel free to let me know !

While my guild is kinda new, Ive been friends with the group of people that started it for over 2 years :slight_smile: Everyones an adult so no real drama.

However we are 10/12 mythic. We dont want CE, we’re just going as fast as we can with a day off here and there. However we do expect people to… try their best! :smiley:
Heres our blurb, LMK if youd like to chat

Wont let me edit on my priest (WEIRD) but I meant to say … “we’re just going as FAR as we can…” not fast LOL
Thats what I get for trying to type with people talking to me on discord. whoops

Friendly people here! I did the same thing as you - I started BFA leveled to 120 then quit LOL. We are welcoming back returning players and rerolls to finish out BFA and then heroic raiding 2 nights max in SL.

YES. THIS. Large guilds where you just get lost in the shuffle and nobody knows wtf you are? no thank you!

OMG… you are one of us already. Seriously. The guild has been around since 2009. A few originals are still here. We took a long break from 2014-2019 because life bit me in the butt. But we all stayed in touch on our guild FB page. When I was ready to return to the game, I posted on our page “who wants to bring back MT?” I got a big fat YES. Why? because the people we play with, that’s why! That’s why I play.

[Masochistic Tendencies] (H) just moved to Turalyon from Uldaman and we are looking for new friends to play with. We are rerolling, goofing off and having fun while waiting for SL. Historically we have done normal and heroic raiding. And that is how we’re looking to keep it. We’re too old, too tired, and ain’t got time for mythic CE crap. :slight_smile:

Interested? Come roll a toon on Turalyon horde and see what we’re about!



Welcome back Talarion!
Our motto is we get sh*t done and have a fun time doing it. We currently raid one night a week at the moment on Tuesdays at 7pm PST until 9pm PST. When SL comes out we will move to a 2 days raiding schedule. We are not looking to do Mythic raiding, so we generally are in Heroic Nyalotha’s or we can do some Normals as well at times. We do mythic dungeon’s throughout the week and always have people willing to run them with others. I would say we are a little bit on the smaller side in comparison to some guilds, but we tend to like it that way as we have a pretty close knit environment with our guildies.

If this is something that may interest you, this is our recruitment thread and feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

bumping this, still on the lookout! took some time off after release delay but loving expan so far


No Disassemble is a guild composed of returning vanilla players, with some from other MMO’s! We are a laid back guild in terms of requirements. We do raid 2 days a week upon SL’s first wing opening. Sundays and Tuesdays.

We are Horde side on Turalyon. We have a play at your own pace type of vibe, but are always active in voice chat via our discord and plenty of banter via guild chat.

We are a selfless environment, meaning we donate mats to the bank, and dont have limits on who can take what. We make sure everyone is leveled, geared, and has their professions of choice. We wont expect you to do something you do not wish to do! We won’t complain or cry if we wipe. Mistakes happen, and we tend to laugh about it.

We run heroics, and mythics daily, and plenty of transmog/mount runs in older content. Close group that is pretty easy to get adjusted to!