Fist of Justice Hotfix

It’s just a manual form of scaling. They no longer ‘do the math’ before releasing stuff and just nerf it when their lack of effort shows up in a nerf.

The idea of character progression is long gone when as you get more powerful their solution is to just dial down the power so you are simply spinning your wheels and wasting time, resources, and effort.

I mean who is going to buy tokens for real money when all that happens is it gets nerfed. That’s how many corruptions, essences, and azerite powers they’ve nerfed into uselessness?

It is a sad state of affairs when the greed is so great at a multi-billion dollar game producer that they are unable or unwilling to release well thought out systems.

I don’t think I want to pay for another beta product released live. Adios shadowlands.

So when you’re finished screwing over all the players who purchased Ineffable Truth, when do you guys plan to identify and fix actual bugs, like corruptions being unable to be applied to gear received from the 500 conquest turn-ins?

“Go PvE, scrub.” -Blizz

“We’d rather you didn’t play PVP.” -Ion

They did make it so you can apply corruptions to weekly rated PVP quest items! That’s probably as close as you’re gonna get.

We’ve reviewed the various interactions at play in this situation and decided against making a change at this time. Thank you for your feedback.


So getting HOJ 4 times back to back in arena is intended? You guys watched that clip right?

You’re just gonna let that keep happening?


Been this way for far too long.

Next time, let’s find a way to get the bugs out of the way sooner than 5 months into the tier haha


I mean they have let destro under the radar for how long now might as well leave every broken thing in this game at this point right? Being honest though these corruptions are probably one of the worst things they have ever introduced in this game, the devs ineptitude is astounding.


It has become as we thought it would since Burning Crusade.
It is now called WORLD OF STUNCRAFT…
Yep you get 1 ability to get out of stun but the other player has 3 other ways to get out of stuns… awwwww poor poor baby.
If you do not like it then join the party then you can stun also!

The above is how I feel when I play one of my alts.
3 players stunning you with no way out… nice bliz really nice.

If they fix this the way they intended they’d have nerfed the living daylights out of many of the game’s DPS, and that would’ve included specs that are already on life support viability-wise.

If the only viable fix to this incredibly niche situation is to irreparably destroy about a quarter of this game’s viable specs, then that fix isn’t viable.

topkek :rofl:


well there you go folks, stop being carebears for pvp this late…

dev’s are trapped on their own nightmare they created… happy this backfired because corruptions should never make a return in any sort of system ever again.


Expected incompetence, let the stuns flow.


Will they be reverting the Rising Mists fix?

How is that any less or more unintended?


Do we also revert the gushing wound nerf because F it why not? Why nerf any of the corruptions to begin with if the attitude towards fixing them is “eh we have nothing planned”


They could just not let the proc rate scale with haste.

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Corruptions is the only thing making PvP fun and interesting right now. I came back just to play 8.3. At least there are build options and fun gear.

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Wouldn’t giving it an RPPM literally fix this?

It has an RPPM of 4. It’s just further affected by haste.