Bring back PvP Templates for casual BGs

Catch up mechanics entirely rooted in PvE, which has turned PvP into a system dependent on the scraps from PvE. Remember when the 2 were separate systems, which allowed players to focus on only the methods they enjoyed while not putting themselves at a handicap in terms of strength.


Yes there is a tiny effort you must put in to acquire higher power in wow. I am sorry that is so hard for you.

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The only thing I quoted you on was the power gap. If you want to move on, that’s fine. A little pve is not a big deal to me tbh. If you had to mythic raid, we’d be having a different discussion.

I am sorry you are interpreting challenge with tedium. Have you been grinding M+ so long you can’t tell the difference anymore?

I mean it’s a game. If you’re not having fun then stop playing. Many people enjoy pve but if you don’t want to do it then don’t expect to just be give the power that comes with it. If you just want everything handed to you then an rpg may not be for you.


What I want is the two to be separate. Keeping them both in the same outlet just makes balancing impossible. Which is why they have given up at this point, and just opened the floodgates with gems like canned responses such as;

They made the system you want it’s in a game called heroes of the storm. You should check it out.


You might be correct on that. This dev team is incapable of fixing the new shoddy systems they implement and are unwilling to revert to systems that worked better in the past. They are constantly trying to reinvent the wheel which results in a bumpy ride since the wheel is no longer a circle.

Or you know, we could PvP for our PvP power. Crazy idea I know :roll_eyes:

Stupid comment. Read the comments. We literally want to PvP for our power. Just because you’re okay going to pve for your handouts doesn’t mean we are.


Nah, Smits is right, we all have to conform to the PvE grind. Its really fun and engaging, its not scripted at all :crazy_face:.

I do not speculate that the ease of (Time) gearing will be like this in SL.
A similar currency system as now with PVP vendors is what things are looking to shape up IMO.

Rated pvp offers the rewards you want if you can get good enough. Random battlegrounds are on par with random heroics and have similar rewards. If you do more difficult content you get better rewards.

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i dont agree with anyone that says this, i dont lose 40-50% of my heroics. they should drop at least lfr level and bring back pve set bonuses to make lfr still attractive

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We are getting 460 through the CP cap now, better than LFR level…

takes too long to get. capping conquest that many times is a hell of a grind

Not if you played all season.

that is a lot of /played. i dont think we should have to play that much to be decent

a single conquest cap takes a lot longer than a full clear of lfr.

So? A single conquest cap guarantees 2 pieces of gear (assuming the chest gives you a piece of gear you can use)

so the conquest system sucks and takes way too long. not sure how you dont see this, nobody else likes it. i know how it works

do a full clear and you will get more than one piece most of the time.

Don’t forget that when in PvE you can get funneled gear.