750k dmg Infinite Stars in Arena

Not that PvP doesn’t need more love, but they have been adding 2 arena maps per expansion for basically ever.

Legion had a new BG (late Legion, themed for BfA)

WoD had Ashran

MoP had 3 new BGs.

Cata had 2 BGs and Tol Borad

Wrath had 2 BGs and Wintersgrasp

Yeah corruptions broke PVP, we know. Its 0% skill 100% corrupt procs to win now.

It was dumb in Vanilla with tier gear and it’s only grown dumber and dumber since, with brief interludes of about-as-dumb.

Arenas are like a wwe match if they allow corruption and essences.

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This was amazing to watch, his buddy in comms at one point said ‘haha skilll’ and I was dying XD

This pretty much sums up how much Blizz cares about Corruption in any form of content right now. Kind of funny and pathetic at the same time :frowning:

Oh except for Gushing Wound. They felt the need to nerf that for some stupid reason…

I’m not even mad, that’s amazing.


You know when you go 2v2 in an arena you got a 50/50 chance of winning! But I’m a corruption freak, and I’m not normal! So you got a 25% chance AT BEST at beat me! And then you add my arena partner into the mix and your chances of winning drastically go down!

Because after 3 xpacs of blood being the best tank to solo stuff and self sufficient we got nerfed 6ft under ground. Someone had to take our place and it just so happened to be pallys.

Honestly I want to see the reaction of the people on the receiving end lol.


just a Retroy thread, move along.

That’s hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

This just makes me laugh

“So what happened? How did you lose the match??”

“Prot pally with 27 infinite stars yeeted me into the void…”



Rextroy at it again.

But remember people, Covenants and Soul Binds will be balanced!


Oh I think this is gonna end badly.

Don’t care about PVP but people need to not encourage garbage like this. Maybe then it’ll go away.

This isn’t just a meme either, he actually achieved 2500 rating with it, that’s 100 rating above gladiator.

Hell, given that you can’t defend against it he could just keep queueing and luck his way to a rank 1 title.

Check debuffs at beginning of arena. See that he can take 450% increased damage. Nuke him immediately.


He’ll just bubble, then it’s a 50/50 on whether he 1 shots you or not.