Bring back PvP Templates for casual BGs

That’s rich from someone that presses 1 single button all game.

250% haste+infinite runes and zombie maker goes BRRRR!


That made my night.

or if you have over 450 ilevel you can ONLY play rated with the rest of the people who have 7 hours a day to play wow. youre only in regs to beat under geared players. maybe you need your own bracket?

It is the worst patch in the worst expansion for PvP.

Blizzard left specs and items broken OP for weeks/months. If your spec was bad in PvP, you had to pray that it was randomly better in a future season because Blizzard wasn’t going to hotfix anything.

The power gap between a new toon and a geared PvEer is insane.

The power gap between a toon in full conquest gear and a geared PvEer is also insane.

I hope Blizzard learned what not to do in BFA, so we never repeat this nightmare again.


8.3 is the equivalent of throwing gasoline on a dumpster fire. Corruptions were already disgusting when they were achieved by rng, but now that people can save up a currency and stack the fotm ones its even more apparent blizz doesn’t care about balance.


you didnt have to win to get geared. i didnt really like ashran itself but geared up in a day or two flying around on my druid. pretty sure my team was losing most of the time too

it was easier for rogues and druids but you could ignore the win conditions and get any character geared that way


All true, and why I quit playing cap pretty much immediately and went to lower lvl bgs to avoid it. People complain about lower lvl bgs being imba, but it’s no where near the headache of the cap rng circus imo.

Insulting is more like it, but not game breaking from a play standpoint. No one “plays” selfie cam. People play pvp. That selfie cam sure did the trick though, didn’t it? I knew 3 people that dropped the game immediately because of it. :laughing:


Yea it was very lame. That whole expansion was :joy:

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This morning woke up and did a Motherlode 12, not because I love the dungeon but because like you have stated it is the price one pays to get better gear and why should people be allowed to be lazy and not have to do content like the rest of us?

Coming from you is irony gold!

Why? I didn’t ask for it to die.

I went against a pure Sargeras premade where they were all 475+, it happens.

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I like you, you are a cool person, but there have been times where no matter what I say you have to have the last word, so you telling Abom that he should let it go is very ironic coming from you.

When someone says let the thread die, the most sensible thing is for them to stop posting and bumping it. Not ironic at all.

If it came from someone else, no not ironic at all, but coming from you it is, LOL!

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Fine I’ll give you that one :rofl:

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Which ones??? Literally every spec was viable and balanced in legion… hello???


Every spec? No. But every class had a good spec or two.

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Every dps spec was good… some tanks and healers were weaker than others but I don’t count them…