The acceptance of feedback in Alpha is GREAT!

It really seems like blizzard is listening and communicating and making changes with small to mediocre levels of important things in Shadowlands Alpha. This is a good thing.

What seems to be a problem is their refusal to listen to player feedback regarding a lot of the over all game philosophy and big picture stuff.

Im talking borrowed power, pathfinder, professions, mission tables. Things like that. Stuff Blizzard seems intent on shoving down our throats.

So all this “listening to feedback” because shadowbolt feels too weak, or searing totem doesn’t fit in the rotation is really small potatoes and nothing more than the illusion of choice, or the illusion that they are listening.

Until we see a massive, dramatic shift in core philosophy, I believe things are going to continue to go down hill over all.

I hope I am wrong. I can’t say I am not looking forward to shadowlands at all, because I am. They caved on Torghast timers at least, so there is that.


People just keep kicking, screaming and refusing to face the fact that current retail WoW is, and always will be, a game built on different principles than previous iterations. The game is going in a direction that was set during Legion, and it’s not going to change. People need to stop hoping for Blizzard to do a 180; it’s not going to happen.


This isn’t ever going away. It has nothing to do with player feedback. Borrowed power is necessary and solves problems regarding homogenization and class balance.

Also not going away. Gold is no longer a feasible option given WoW’s economy, and under Pathfinder, everyone is equal since you no longer need to be rich to purchase the training.

I don’t know specifically what you’re looking for here, as they have made profession changes.

See above.


Such a change would need to be made before design even starts. And since they’re likely already working on ideas for 10.0, it’s probably too late to expect different. Maybe 11.0 will make a change.

Still don’t have upright Forsaken… they aren’t listening hard enough. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Dramatic shifts in game philosophy have happened before and can happen again.

Im not asking for vanilla here folks, we have that with classic WoW. Im asking for my character to develop again, and not have to turn in their new developed abilities at the end of every expansion. Among other core design principles.

The problem is that they’ve pretty much been working this same model since WoD… Not all of the pieces and parts because it has been a work in progress… I loathe most of these systems but unfortunately they’re not going to change… and you are correct they’re humoring us with the changes that they are making.

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Thats a really great way to put it all. The disaster that WoD was, should have been a sign to them. They continue to feed us garbage, with the occasional tasty treat and naturally the masses are going crazy over it.

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If we never gave stuff back we would all need to play this game with our feet and hands.

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I like those. Yay Blizz listens to me.

Players have some of the worst game design concepts.

I don’t want to walk into SL, hit 60, click a box, and get kited out in gear.

Miss me with that junk.

I agree with you OP. Lets see if this trend continues.

Is the mission system even on the alpha yet? i’ve been waiting to see what it looks like ever since it was teased.

Different strokes. Personally I would want the leveling process to take months, not days. Makes no sense to create all this content then have people max out in a few days.

I would rather level at a much slower pace than hit the cap a few weeks in and then hit their artificial system timegate, whatever it will be this time.

Not sure if that is happening in Shadowlands, but I doubt it.


  • Pathfinder is here to stay. get over it. at least they are removing the requirement to fly in WoD and Legion zones.

  • mission tables are also here to stay in some way. they’ve stated its gonna be different this time with some sort of “auto-chess” feature, whatever the hell that means.

  • Borrowed Power is going to stay until they can somehow balance 36 different specs perfectly even. which isn’t going to happen.

  • Professions have been in the game since Vanilla, no reason i see to remove them all of a sudden. they all have a use for pretty much everyone and at the very least the 3 armor crafting ones will be used to make legendaries in Shadowlands

“Big Stuff” as the OP put it, was likely designed and settled on a long time ago, and is basically non negotiable.

To some extent it makes sense. This close to release, its highly unlikely Blizz is going to go back to the drawing board and redesign something.

What I predict you will see is Blizz trumpeting lots of little teeny tiny changes as evidence they listen to the community, but the big ticket items are going in as planned.

If Blizz was serious about player feedback, they would solicit feedback during the design phase.

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Reminder that this is how Blizz decided to handle the insane Haste corruption on classes in pvp (What is being said for Paladins in this case can be said for any class, let’s say Warlock) when everyone gave massive amounts of feedback.

Honestly most of the stuff you listed I like (mission tables), I deal with (pathfinder) or just plain ignore (borrowed power - because if you don’t chase power, it doesn’t affect you).

The things I hate most Sylvanas (they will not destroy her in a way they need to) and map design ( 3d maps with holes hidden at different levels.

The best change Blizz could make for me is to get rig of the map design they started in WoD and go back to the earlier designs.

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Looks at Devouring Plague

Are you sure they are listening?