Arcane is massively broken in bgs sub 120

Is this ever going to be dealt with?

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They’re not even dealing with broken max level builds in the Arena World Championship, I wouldn’t get my hopes up

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No one cares about sub 120 pvp.

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Just hit max level 4head

The answer is no.
Before Arcane Mages, MM/MB Hunters were a big problem too. And before that for YEARS it’s been Disc Priest/Resto Druids.
It all changes whenever they change what level certain abilities are learned.

They have said multiple times they care absolutely ZERO- about non-max level pvp. At all.

It’s a shame because yes, Arcane Missiles is ridiculously stupid and makes BGs leveling up not fun at all if you aren’t a mage.

Low lvl bgs is literally whoever has more arcane mages win. Not gunna change

A lot of people care about sub 120 pvp. There are entire communities dedicated to it.

I just watched a video highlighting the problems in bfa pvp… There were people getting literally killed in one or two hits from the broken @ss corruptions. I doubt they have time to work on this. They can’t even do the basic math required to understand that was going to happen.

They don’t balance sub max level pvp, they never have.


Time to level an arcane mage.


Dont forget mm hunters.

You are part of the problem

As much as it sucks they have given up on balancing PvP, whether at 120 or below.