Elephant in the Room: Can we talk about how Blizzard hates Monks?

Oh please. They literally did a change specifically for PvP like 3 days ago.

Just because they haven’t deleted corruptions from the game for PvP doesn’t mean they don’t balance separately. This is also completely ignoring the fact a lot of damage corruptions have reduced damage in PvP.

Sure buddy.

Go back to trolling the arena forums if you aren’t going to add anything constructive here.

I’ll get right on that.

They butchered vivify and moving while casting from legion turning them into a terrible healing option. Damage needed adjustment though, in legion you just pressed fof and could lead the charts.

So actually they did not make:

*sorry for all the edits, I can’t link for the life of me.

And with Io considering AoE tanks as degenerate, I don’t know how to go to the monk, or is that it, or don’t you have good use of your mastery?

And in healer I don’t know why it will go wrong, they have not changed anything in fact if it cures better than other classes.

or there are few who do not use it, or it is not like in MoP times, although I do not know if it was op at that time.

So I guess every targeted PvP change ever is irrelevant then? What is your goal here?

Besides that nerf was really stupid and I am glad they are looking into other ways into fixing it like they did for MW. The original plan for them was way worse than what we got.

No goal just pointing out the inaccuracies of your statements. Corruptions should have never made it into pvp.


Is simply not true. And I don’t have time to explain that to you nor do I want to.

Well that is just false.


Ahahah nice :rofl:

Figured out how to quote did you? Maybe you should just stick to what you know and pve seems to be that.

You really are a salty arena troll aren’t you?


What would you know about arena?

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Maybe post on your main and show me?

Other than the fact that mythic raids generally have a brew master in and mdi teams all play exclusively mistweaver and awc teams generally have a monk too (according to another poster I don’t follow pvp). That’s literally all branches of end game lol. Not many classes are as consistently represented in all 3.

Monks are op in PvP, they’re the best healer by far. 45 sec cooldown on life cocoon, best mobility of any healer, best throughout and good mana management too. WW monks are really good too.

According to method monks are one of the best tanks and healers for mythic plus. And MW monks are always in the MDI for obvious reasons (crane) WW monks are also very good, they have good utility and are above average when compared to all melee dps for mythic+.

That leaves… raiding. Where BM monks dominate. MW and WW monks are lackluster there (also mw had an OP build for a while) but they can’t really expect their class to be S tier at everything, can they?

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you forgot to include mobility which is undeniably a large part of Monks power budget.

WW was really good for the first 2 weeks of WoD then they nerfed it to the ground until the end of time. Then in legion they took the thing they were the best at and gave it to DH. OP’s tital has is really good point…

Yeah but have you considered that it’s not a hero class like the other 2 post-release class additions?