Dual Spec.. please?

Hello there.

I think I am speaking for a lot of people when I say dual spec would increase the gaming experience for most of us.

Right now you are kinda stucked to your talents if you don’t want to spend 50g each time you want to play some other content, or another spec.

If you are a PvE and PvP player, you need to manage when you are able to spec to your other talents. That avoids a lot of player to queue for a bg just in the meanwhile.

There are also hybrids (tank/dps or heal/dps) who would love to play the other spec when needed but they can’t just do a few dungeons as dps and switch to heal after for their raid.

Could you please consider to implement dual spec?

Thanks for your time.


“Dual Talent Specialization (or dual spec ) is a skill players at level 30 can learn in exchange for 10 gold from their class trainers.

Introduced in patch 3.1.0, dual talent specialization is the ability to switch between two talent specs, glyph sets, and action bars on each level 30+ character.

Originally 1000 gold, dual talent specialization has been reduced to a mere 10 gold, most likely to offer players a new experience with their chosen class and/or specific talent selections.

It should also be noted that before patch 4.0.3 it was required for players to be level 40 instead of 30, this change was also probably done to offer players more options at a lower level.”

I guess it will be available in the re-creation of patch 3.1.0.


Well, I know that it wasn’t in TBC, otherwise I wouldn’t need to ask for it. :wink:

But it was a very very good change for the game overall and you will barely find anyone who would be against it. So even when it wasn’t in the original TBC they could discuss about to still implement it for the playerbase.


It will most likely be available in wotlk classic.

Shouldn’t be too much longer to wait.


I support this request in the spirit of some changes. Anyone struggling to find tanks should support this too becsuse im sure a good chunk are pvp spec outside of raid day and ain’t paying 100g to tank for you.



“In retail, we’ve had free respec for a while now. People can play whatever role their class can offer; however, tanks still have instant queues. It is hard for me to understand how anyone can believe that if we had duel spec, then people would actually be playing more tanks and healers. They think it will happen, but it wont.”


Kind of a bad argument when you look at the date seal of the martyr was added or the debuff on drums.


One stupid decision happening means that even more should be added right?


They should just make respeccing 10g max


Good thing blizzard doesn’t take your advice on balancing because alliance paladins would have been screwed especially with twisting being around.

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As an alliance paladin I wish they would have left things alone. I wanted to play tbc again.


Well you wouldn’t have gotten it because paladins from the first patch of tbc to the last patch of tbc are different crusader strike was on a 10 second cd instead of 6 like it is now.

So are the other 800 threads you could find with a quick forum search. We don’t need another one, and we don’t need dual spec. And the last thing we need is more “hybrids” who can tank and heal groups not doing it unless they can’t snipe a tank from the LFG channel. No thanks.


A quick look through these forum would prove you wrong on this one.

Gotta love how people lie to fit their agenda.


Heh, I was wondering if it was wrath or cata. Neat.

Only thing dual spec would increase is the amount of sl/sl warlocks in pvp.


Instant queues AND extra rewards for doing it from time to time.

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Once again they are not going to take a major provision of wrath and put it in game now. I made over 4k gold lvling 2 characters to lvl 70. If u can’t afford to pay for respec u lvld wrong.

If I can’t find a tank in 5 mins of spamming lfg channel I offer 50g for a tank in case there is someone in dps spec and wants to respec to tank its coveted.

There is also some other wrath features I wouldn’t mind seeing right now like flying to corpses especially in netherstorm. But I can wait for wrath.


Even TBC private servers put in dual-spec

…Would also increase the amount of healers and tanks which would fix the need for tanks and healers

And allow other people to play optimal PVP specs which would encourage people to PVP more, potentially fixing the hour long BG ques for Horde because Alliance wouldn’t have to pick between doing PVE or PVP for a price of 50g


no, no it would not.