Dragonflight Collector’s Edition Codes

We’ve seen a number of questions from players regarding the physical Collector’s Edition, which recently went on sale, and how they might be able to use the game code as a part of their purchase.

As there is no digital delivery of the code ahead of receipt of the physical box, there are two scenarios in play.

Players who aren’t concerned about getting access to any advance content or their digital items ahead of receipt of their Collector’s Edition box, can wait for it to be delivered to their shipping address. Once received, the game code can be found in the box and can be applied to the account they would like to upgrade to the Epic Edition of Dragonflight.

For those who would like to enjoy any advance content or their digital items before they receive the physical Collector’s Edition, they can purchase one of the digital options available and upgrade their account to Dragonflight immediately. After the Collector’s Edition is received, the code received in the box can be applied to the account they would like to upgrade to the Epic Edition of Dragonflight. Doing so will result in an automatic credit of Battle.net Balance to the associated account in the amount of the cost of the original digital purchase.

Learn more in our sale article here.


That’s always been the standard since BfA if I remember correctly

This isn’t a big deal


You guys sure love telling us this every 2 years because refunding b.net balance means you don’t actually have to give any money back. It’s just more money in Bobby’s pocket. You’ve had years to come up with a solution to this and that’s what you keep sticking to. If you’re not even going to offer CE boxes form anywhere but the gear shop, then simply don’t ship a code with the box and e-mail the code to the buyer. HOW HARD IS THAT?


Honestly, sending codes via email is problematic at best. People will say they never received it and request a new code. Even if they send the same code from before, they will say it doesn’t work. We would hope people wouldn’t try to cheat the system, but it would happen frequently.

Refunding to Bnet is the only real option they have. But they should have a way to withdraw those funds back to the account holders payment source if requested.


What they should do is make the physical collectors edition contain a digital component that has the expansion codes built in… That way it would be tied to your b.net account just like all the other editions but the physical stuff would arrive when it should.

People should not be expected to buy 2 copies of the game and then get refunded for one just so they can play upon release.


For someone buying CE physical, I doubt they view wallet funds dramatically differently from cash refund. Someone really gonna buy a $150 boxed copy of a patch for a 20 year old game and never plan on buying more sub time? Is a perfectly reasonable solution.


What they should do is just split the collectors edition into two separate purchases, have all the physical stuff be one purchase that doesn’t include a game key that’s priced at the difference of CE to Epic digital call it like Expansion Collectors Edition Upgrade or something. And then have people buy what ever digital edition they want on top of that but instead of having to wait they just get the digital edition instantly because its a separate purchase.


That’s not entirely true if they bind the purchase to your Bnet account. It could be directly attached there without the need of email receipt.


It might be a good idea to remove this from the CE section then. It makes it sound like I’m getting my code in an email upon purchase.


You’ll also receive an Epic Edition digital key to unlock the full version of Dragonflight and 30 days of game time. The Dragonflight Collector’s Edition is available to pre-order now on the [Blizzard Gear Store] now.


Any plans to release physical collectors boxes in non US, non blizzard ,retail stores or are we sticking to requiring $95NZD shipping to buy a $206 NZD game


Will the CE be delivered right away, as in going out tomorrow- or will we have to wait for the unanounced release date. The last couple expansions haven’t had much of a point in waiting to be sent out considering they don’t come with actual disks since Pandaria I believe, plus data mining has become normalized, and it’s all server side stuff anyway.

Kia ora. Dunno what you lot have over the pond but here in aus eb games and jbhifi have them ready for pre orders. But bugger me prices have gone up, the CE box is 179 aud ><

Hi Kaivax,

There is still a scenario that I need clarified as I can’t find an answer.

JB Hi-Fi in Australia have the Dragonflight Collector’s Edition available for pre-order, and while the “preview” picture of what’s included shows the Drakks pet in it, the list of features does not.

My question is if we pre-order through this retailer will we still receive the additional pet as a pre-order bonus like if we were to pre-order the digital edition.

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Looks like it’s been added as a product now but seems somewhat counter to what was being advertised in the launcher as gear store only.

Still pricey, but in line with the shadowlands pricing.

Was wondering this as well, but the gear store lists it as included:

  • Murkastrasza Pet & Drakks Pet

Also listed on the ebgames and jb hifi sites

  • Murkastrasza Pet & Drakks Pet: Explore the Dragon Isles alongside your diminutive, new draconic companions.

Hi Shrom,

Thanks, that may have been updated since I checked. I wonder if that’s tied to the Collector’s Edition code, since Blizzard would have no way of knowing what date you pre-ordered through a third party retailer.

Hm, perhaps there’s hope for us Canadians yet. Guess ill have to keep looking around online.

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am going to ask at ebs in the weekend i hope we can get if not i will get in aus, ebs told me last time no, since i came back home to nz have not got any physical copies which annoy me i want the boxes
kia ora

A lot of the concerns I’ve seen are around the Drakks pet, which isn’t addressed in this post.

Drakks can only be obtained by pre-ordering but most people will get their CE after pre-orders end.

Will the site retroactively grant them Drakks, will they have to ticket to be granted him, or will players just not get drakks if they buy physical and just happen to get it delivered too late?

Also, you guys have literally had years and multiply expansions to learn from - Why did you not make the digital code available from your battle.net account purchase history or something?