So how do you get the Drakks pet if you ordered the CE?

So how do you get the Drakks pet if you ordered the CE? Since you need to get him before the expansion comes out. Will Blizz send the CE before Dragonflight comes out or will you get the game on the day of the start of the expansion. I’ve experienced both with Amazon in the past.

You have to buy the epic edition as well, then eventually when you receive the CE you will get the cost of the epic edition credited back as battlenet balance.

Awesome system hey!

(It’s linked at the top of the forums stickied): Dragonflight Collector’s Edition Codes

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I bought the epic edition and Drakks was in a gift box in my pet collection immediately after. Same for all the other goodies. It was instant.

If you read the OP, they were asking about the collectors edition.

Dam so Blizz expects us to double dip the expansion…sigh. I thought, maybe we would get the CE box early enough to still get the Drakks pet.

Nope, they could easily provide preorder codes, but I guess they just want to get that little bit of guaranteed money out of you.

See this is what I always thought they should have done.

Yes I know… I posted what I did because you said

If OP follows that advice then they will get everything right away.

However according to this blue post they do not have to buy both, but it is an option if you don’t want to wait. The refund you get for the epic edition is in bnet balance though, so keep that in mind.

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It’s insane that a company the size of Blizzard can’t come up with a better way of handling this than telling their customers to purchase twice.

To make it worse they don’t even really refund you. Bnet balance is not a refund.


You either have to wait or Preorder the Epic edition also. My guess is like previous xpacs they will refund you Bnet balance if you do this but please confirm with a GM/or billing before hand.

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Gotta buy the preorder pet for 80$ if you’re buying the collector edition

The pets are part of the Collectors edition.

Yes, because if you do, they get the money now, which will help them look better in the investors eyes. By the time they have to pay people back, Microsoft might be in charge. :woman_shrugging:

Or you could just read the stickied post at the top of the forum that’s been linked twice already in this thread?

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So buying the collector edition gets you Drakks as well, even though he’s part of the preorder

It is an extremely silly system. FFXIV sells physical CEs, and you get an e-mail with pre-order bonus codes when you purchase one, which you can then apply to your account to get access to the various pre-order perks. Boggles my mind that Blizzard hasn’t figured this one out.

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Yes. Drakks is in every pre-order bundle, even the cheapest base edition.

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