Why did you PreOrder? (please read before posting)

Mog is life, more mog is obviously more life. More life is good.

Seriously though, the game is always super fun for PVE at xpac releases. Love it when the whole community is gearing up. Tier sets feel like a soft reset between seasons to fill out content (lots of higher ilvl a in LFR for example).

Wow also still plays and feels better than anyone else in the genre to me. I’ve played quite a few competitors but nothing feels as fluid as wow.

Dragons, obviously.

I’ll be buying the preorder this week.

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I’ll wait to see what people are saying about it before buying it. I can’t imagine it being any good when they’re rushing it out.

im going to play regardless and the boost and the game time alone are worth it so why not?


Party on Wayne!

I was debating on waiting, but given how quick the Physical collectors editions go out of stock I decided to just go ahead and get it. Never done one before and I want to at least have one collectors edition. Hurt my wallet a bit, but I have been making up for it thanks to just cooking my own food like steak stir fry with some rice. I would add veggies, but I don’t as much due to price and stuff.

You can always buy the CE too when you find it in stock. I did at my local Gamestop

Ah, I was unaware. I appreciate the info. Have not been to a local Gamestop in quite some time. I miss going there actually.

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I preorder because I know I will be playing the next expansion.
For me playing wow its a luxury I afford myself and I dont need to justify it.
I like playing around for now with the bonuses and the knowledge I can already play the new class when its available in the prepatch.
Its my money and I do what I want.

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Im sure you can get it anywhere :slight_smile:

The procedure that Blizz has in place is pretty cool

Perhaps, though when ya mentioned Gamestop, just got some nostalgia is all. Met some good lads and lasses there when I went often many years ago. Times have changed though.

When it credits my Bnet guess I wont need to pay for a sub for a while. Wish they refunded your card but it is what it is

Here is how I look at it. If I am currently playing WoW and plan on playing the new expansion as well then I pre-order the game every time (Collectors Edition and before digital copy too since they didn’t used to send digital keys when it shipped). I have 0 reason to not pre-order it. I have enjoyed all the expansions except I hated Cata once that was all said and done.

People today are wayyyy to judgy on everything. If I was like those people, I would barely have any movies I enjoy, food I eat, games I play, etc. For example, I loved BfA. People can hate on it all they want. Their OPINIONS about that expansion are not facts and not law in the sense if they hate it then therefore it IS a horrible expansion no matter what and if you think otherwise then something is wrong with you because their likes are the almighty.

SLs isn’t in my tops for fav expansions but I still enjoyed it and I KNOW I will enjoy the next expansion too. If I ever get tired of WoW then I will just move on and not pre-order anymore. However, I have been here since day 1 of Vanilla launch and have yet to take a break. I may have taken a couple raiding breaks after finishing normal but still would log on at times and still play at least a few times a week.


Yep you do you and dont worry about what others do or judge them for it. Just let them be them

Dont be a :snowflake: which = :clown_face:

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Because I wanted the CE.

Nothing stopping that

Updated my Op with a blue post about it :+1:

Thank you baby.

I think it’s a great deal personally.

If I were to buy How to train your DragonFlight, I would only purchase the basic version $49.99. I do not see any benefit to a pre order at this time. Shadowlands is basically dead and this latest patch between the “social contract” and only benefiting alliance players who now can do keys and raid for the first time. The state of the game is pretty dismal. Now on the other hand if there was some kind of pre release content or able to try out the new class in the current game, I would consider. But to be completely honest and transparent about my feelings. 9.2.5 has brought out all the Chads and Karens, making this game unplayable. Some will return for season 4, but only for a couple weeks and make a decision AFTER the next expansion has launched.

I bought it on day one announcement my friend. :heart_eyes:

I like Dragons, they’re magical, beautiful creatures and I would like to ride one, a real BIG one! :dragon: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I respect the fact you can make an easy personal decision, based on the fact most likely you will want to play this no matter what. But to those who share the same sentiment, please realize when you pre-order a title before actual information is shared about it or finished you are allowing the developers more opportunity to push out unfinished unrefined product that by all accounts this will be the least tested before launch as well. Kinda like an economic value that your power is where you invest your funds.

If literally no one bought the preorder? It would does the same thing. Preorders give companies funds to finish development. This is just basic economics. All we can do is hope they use the money for that instead of pocket it.

Its a roll of the dice either way :woman_shrugging: