Dragonflight Epic Edition Collector's Set

Hello, I recently purchased the Dragonflight Epic Edition Collector’s Set. I was wondering if you are able to receive the in-game rewards (mounts, pets, transmog, etc) without having the actual box? If not, that is a real bummer.

Blizzard made a post about the Collector’s Set items:


I, too, ordered the Epic Collector Edition, was wondering when we could get an eta on when they will start shipping them out to us?

That really isn’t information that Support would have, Aliandril. Traditionally, they are sent out to arrive around the time of launch, but I don’t have any specifics.


Typically, physical copies are shipped to arrive on or just before the official release date.


Thank you for the feed back. But I would like to add that for those of us that did pay for the boxed collector’s edition of the upcoming expansion should not have to pay again for what we have already paid for, pending account credit, to have access to some of what is already accessible to the digital version. I feel that we should have received some sort of communication giving us codes to be able to access those perks in advance just like those that paid less for the digital versions. I feel as though we are being punished for paying more money for the collector’s edition. Once we received the physical copy the only thing that the code should access at that point would be the perks not previously accessed. That, to me, would be the best answer to this situation.

On a side note, not everyone can afford to pay twice for the upcoming expansion. I, for one, have been pinching and squireling money for well over the past couple years to be able to afford, for the first time, a collector’s edition. This needs to be taken into consideration because some of us are living on a very tight budget. Telling us if we want access to the digital perks then buy it is just unacceptable to me.

If you want to give feedback, then it’d be best to do such in general; the CS forum doesn’t take feedback, nor makes call on how something works.


It’s a choice.

People would order the physical copy, get and use the digital code, then cancel their physical copy. Dealing with that would be really expensive. It’s not the best answer.

You pay more because it’s a physical copy. There are a lot of things you get with the Collector’s Edition that don’t come with any of the digital editions. The other price you pay is that you have to wait for the in-game benefits.