Why did you PreOrder? (please read before posting)

I know there’s many threads on pre-orders already and this thread is probably going to get a lot of spite but I was curious how many people were in the same boat I’m in

The specific boat I am in is I understand the shadowlands was a bad expansion. With that said it was not bad enough to make me want to quit the game I have no plans on quitting whatsoever anytime soon.

Due to this I obviously bought the pre-order (epic edition). If I mean if I know I’m going to buy the expansion regardless what’s the difference between buying it later or buying it now I might as well get it now right?

With that said I know there’s a lot of people on the fence due to this expansion and that are borderline ready to quit and they are in the boat that says this next expansion if it’s not good I’m done. If you were in that boat I fully understand that you would want to wait to buy the expansion to make sure you are happy with it first.

This Thread is not about that it’s more about the people that we’re going to buy it anyway so they figured they might as well get it now. I’m just curious how many people were on the same page I am on.

FYI for those wanting the CE but still want all the early stuff!

Disclaimer: There are many other threads to trash talk preorders in. If you dont like preorders and never do them fine. There are other threads. Keep the bitterness out of this one please! I am trying to keep this positive :butterfly:


Not yet. I will next pay


Welcome to the dark side Anakin


I did, the expansion looks promising and I like drakes. :heart:


not rn, but eventually i will. Prolly with the tokens.


Same here, not yet. I may try to grind some gold to buy it, but I’m not that ambitious in-game so I may just get it next paycheck.

That dragon mount is calling to me, as is Lil Ursoc. And I know I’ll most likely be playing Dragonflight anyway.


Honestly? I tend to preorder, not because of hype, but mainly due to forgetfulness. It is one of those, for me; personally, that if I don’t, I will push it off then eventually forget about it until it is too late, happened in Cata, Mists and BFA.

Though yes I mainly solo / LFR / random WM / unrated PvP BGs, I try to at least keep up with the expansion’s plot and direction among the side quest stories as well, instead of trying to rush and catch up in the middle or near the end.


I haven’t yet. Nothing from the pre-order packages screams “need it now”. I would also like to know the exact launch date rather than a time range of if when it may be released.


heck no. It’s a sit and see expansion not a, gotta have it, one. Plus with how messy BFA and SL has been? You’d think people would’ve learn a lesson.


No, but I’m open to it.

Miss you as ally but I hope you are enjoying the horde :cry:


So you read my title and not my post? That’s not really what this thread was about my friend and I explained that in the OP. That’s why you don’t see a lot of comments like this in this thread


Nah, not yet. I don’t really care about any of the stuff they’re including with it this time around. Had there been a cool dragon-themed transmog set, or something, I probably would have. But I have plenty of nice drake mounts as it is.

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No… It isn’t that I couldn’t… I choose not to reward mediocrity.


I’m a huge fan of Night Elf Lore fan and the mount included with it reminds me a lot of about that and I think it’s really cool.

As I said that’s not really why I bought it I did it cuz I was going to get it anyway so why not now. I was about to renew my sub anyway

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nah i have never preordered no particular reason just don’t. if i remember right bfa was a month after it was out the rest pretty much day or 2 after it released.

I mean im excited that they finally gave a release date and SL is gonna be over soon … Gotta say it was one trash expansion

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I wish more people would actually read my thread instead of just the title. This really doesn’t pertain to the op.

But if you’re unsure by all means don’t pre-order don’t buy something unless you’re sure you’re going to enjoy it

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I won’t deny that it’s a good-looking mount. But like I said, I have a ton of drake mounts as it is. And about the only one I use regularly is the Timewalking one.

I’ll probably pre-order eventually while that little drakonid pet is still available (since there’s no reason for me not to). But I’m just not in any rush to get it.

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I did read it… my response was just concise.


Its ok ur loved anyway. You’re an adorable undead with pigtails who couldn’t love that :heart: