Does unlocking Zandalari trolls require the raid?


As per their ToS, they can add/remove anything for any/and/or no reason at any time.
They could shut the whole thing down tomorrow, and nobody would get anything at all.
Welcome to the real world :slight_smile:


He’s… typing

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Give us your wisdom Bornakk.

(Katherine) #128

Well, I had six allied races available at launch. One already at 110, and the other five somewhere around 90. And “more planned” is true, because I could test #7 and #8 on the PTR.

(Abruek) #129

And he’s gone.

I mean, they gave us Mag’har instead. Mag’har were only on the PTR for what, a month?


There will be no raiding required. Some people may have seen the requirements on the PTR and we do plan to talk about them more to help spread the word.

As it currently stands, if you do the Zandalar quest arc (through the Blood Gate quest and Zul’s death), the War Campaign through the Tides of Vengeance achievement, and get Exalted with the Zandalari Empire, you will be able to do the questline to get access to the Zandalari Allied Race as soon as 8.1.5 goes live.

New races out on Tuesday?
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Will I even see playable Kul'tirans before my sub runs out?
Wow that live QA was a big yikes
Raid to Finish the War Campaign Questline: Wrong!
Only blue post is a congrats to Method - This content is fleeting
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I like you real good, but when is that?


What are the requirements for Kul’tirans? I’m assuming something equivalant to the Zandalari but specifics matter.

(Katherine) #133

Yes, they swapped two races. There are several reasons why this happened.
But we got six allied races at launch.





As if it matters - the new raid was supposed to be available when THIS patch went live, and then they up and decided to delay access to the raid for a month after the patch went live as to “not interfere with holidays.” They’re going to keep dragging this out as long as they can - they’ll probably try to sneak several more mini-patches in before 8.1.5 next. Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. They clearly don’t care that this is starting to genuinely anger a ton of their players. I should have been able to start this whole xpac off leveling on my Zandalari - at the very least I should have been able to enter the first raid on one. Now we’re blowing past raid #2 and still no actual date or specific for when it will be available. Insane.

(Charity) #136

When 8.1 came out, it had been a month since they announced Zandalari and Kul Tiran would be available when patch 8.1.5 went live. Patch 8.1.5 is on the PTR now, you can go test it and find out teh infoz for yourself, test each race, the unlock scenarios, etc.

It is ridiculous that the two main Allied Races are gonna be added 8 months into the expansion, it is crazy that they changed unlock requirements less than 2 months after stating them at Blizzcon… It is more bewildering and weird that the any part of the playerbase thought they would be available today.

(Amine) #137

I really don’t understand the draw of these allied races, I still haven’t done the dwarfs and whatever horde has even to open them up - guess I should for the mounts but I have no intention of making these. 7.3.5 killed my desire to level up characters.

(Twibiju) #138

People have been waiting since the START of the expansion for these races to open up.

Let them complain. They earned the right.

(Maelfarion) #140

Nothing new, but still bs seeing as they were originally advertised as coming with the release of the expansion. The reasons they have yet to be released are what pee me off.

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it sucks and wow may be dieing now


Leveling post 8.1 is easy as pie. Give it a try, you may like it.

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Thank you for clarifying your response

(Katherine) #144

This happened with 8.0, with 7.3, with 7.2, with 7.1, with 7.0, with …


Yo blue since you’re reading this. Druid Tier 3 helmet still doesn’t show/work on ptr male Zandalari Trolls.