Does unlocking Zandalari trolls require the raid?


I’m curious if I can unlock it today or if I have to wait for the new raid to go to raid finder, anyone know for sure?

(Jalania) #2

The raid has to be out for a bit before the trolls and KT Humans unlock. I have a feeling it will be late march early april before they unlock.


Wow, I was afraid of that, don’t thing my sub will be active long enough to play one, what a joke


Yep. Time gating is getting ridiculous

(Jatarri) #5

They said in November that they would be released in patch 8.1.5. This will be released some time after the last wing of LFR is opened up so you can raid for a bit before starting a new character. Nothing new, surprising or nefarious about this.


Seriously? I boosted this stupid priest entirely off the back of my assumption that I’d be able to play a T H I C C boiii in the near future.


Except 8.1.5 released today and raid finder will be out at the end of February, what a coincidence, another month of subbing from now! No nefarious, just really, really stupid

(Muiria) #8

they stated this many times sorry you somehow missed it. but it is lame nonetheless


I haven’t been playing a whole lot of attention, nor am I surprised, I just got about 15 days left on my sub and was hoping to try one before them. Was looking forward to playing one in 8.1.5, but a whole month away from now is just stupid.

(Snikrot) #10

Can you people not occupy yourself for one month? Are you literally just sitting behind your screen looking at a clock until the next patch is released?

Good lord, get a hobby or go out or something.

(Qpack) #11

Patch 8.1.5 did NOT come out today, today is just the release of the raid and season 2 of pvp/m+


That has nothing to do with it, my issue is I’ve played about 3-4 hours with my last $15 and it was a waste of money, not going to renew to try a race that should have been here months ago

(Ruyn) #13

But WoW is my hobby! :sob:

(Snikrot) #14

If you feel like your 3-4 hours were a waste of time… than hate to break it to you. Looking like a Zandalari Troll isn’t going to change anything about those 3-4 hours. It’s the same stuff, you just look different.


Time gate crap is crap.

(Rhielle) #16

No it didn’t.

(Stompypotato) #17

Supposed to be sometime after the new raid. They were fairly vague about it.


Can the quest to finish the raid and unlock the two Allied Races be completed in LFR or no? I recall previous expansions had it where certain quests could not be done in LFR. You had to join a group. Anyone know?

(Rhielle) #19

It’s not vague. They said they’ll be released in 8.1.5. The only thing we don’t have yet is the release date for 8.1.5.

(Stompypotato) #20

That’s what I meant. They were vague about what timeframe afterwards.