Will I even see playable Kul'tirans before my sub runs out?

(Hazzulu) #26

No they didnt. Everything you said here is wrong.


Battle for Azeroth was announced at Blizzcon in 2017. The allied races they announced at Blizzcon that year didn’t include Kul Tirans at all.

(Anufenrir) #28

Also I mean… new racials too. Those Zandalri ones are pretty… odd.

(Ieatsquirrel) #29

They are still stringing us along. They have given no indication to us that they really have an internal schedule for release of future features of this expansion.

(Anufenrir) #30

Looks at Blue notes for 8.1.5 I guess those don’t exist then.

(Rhielle) #31

If I’m understanding you correctly, I do feel that these storylines are a bit all over the place and lack any sort of cohesive structure. It feels to me as if things were just tossed together haphazardly.

It’s an existing base skeleton regardless of what you want to call it. They’re not from scratch.

(Hazzulu) #32

Sure, but a skeleton isn’t even the most time consuming part of creating a new character, in the case of Void Elves and Lightforged and the like, animations are the same as well but Zandalari and Kul Tiran seem to have plenty of unique animations.

So really they saved a LITTLE time by reusing a skeletal rig, but a vast majority of the work was still done from the ground up.

Edit: Not to mention the creation of totally unique druid forms.

(Anufenrir) #33

There’s story stuff I like, but the big stuff’s a bit messy for the sake of “OMG look at how cool that is!” Not completely complaining, I like cool stuff, but yeah, not as polished as legion.

(Anufenrir) #34

They do that all the time anyway. New model, old skeleton.

(Rhielle) #35

The way Blizz themselves stated it, it saves more than just a little time. It’s why they’re coming out with so many new races so fast. They specifically said it’s quicker and and easier this way.

(Anufenrir) #36

Just like heads up I’m in school for game art, making those new models does take a lot of time.

(Hazzulu) #37

Yes. It IS quicker and easier. Especially looking at Lightforged, Highmountain, Void Elves, Dark Iron, Maghar, and Nightborne. We can SEE the time saved there. They have near identical geometry, they have the same skeletons, they have identical animations.

However Kul Tirans and Zandalari we can see are not the same. They’re near entirely unique geo. They have a ton of unique animations. They have an entirely unique suite of druid forms. They are significantly more “new work” than any of the previous allied races. This is abundantly obvious.

(Hazzulu) #38

My useless bachelor’s is in game art and that is exactly what I’m saying. Reusing a skeletal rig is a time saver, sure, but it is no way makes a model a simple “quick reskin”.

(Anufenrir) #39

That fox mount for example. Looks like a ton of work not counting the pre modeling stuff.


A player race is flagship content? What about the quests, dungeons, raids, and PvP? Is that not flagship content?


It always makes me giggles the crusades people fight on forum’s. It is like people think that developers are sitting on PC screens waiting for feedback on forum.
anyways my popcorn is ready should get that.


actually if they are timing it to include the Children’s Week updates seen on the PTR, they’re looking closer to 8 months.

(Anufenrir) #43

Surprisingly 8.1.5 base ptr is fairly fleshed out.


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