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  • Discord: Atomicor#9192
  • Bnet: atomicor#1235
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[H] Fairbanks [PST] Mage. LF PVP/PVE Guild
LF new people to play with on Fairbanks Pacific server HORDE
LF Guild for Mature Casual Raiders - EST
Hunter and Lock LFG [H] PVP
What Server are the actual GOOD guilds going to be on?
3 H LF new home/raiding
Warlock & Rogue LF Raiding/PvP Progressive Guild
Healer LFGuild Stalagg/Faerlina [H]/[A]
Warlock LF Guild for Classic willing to play A or H
Any horde guild on Stalaag?
LF PVP/PVE Guild - Faerlina [H]
Group Looking for Guild (H) Mankrik
(H) Fury Warrior lf casual or semi casual guild PvE
LF Casual Guild & Lvling Buddy
New classic player looking for guild! :)
Semi Hardcore Player LF GUILD
Looking for guild/server
Horde single priest
[NA] Lf guild Pve / PvP-Pve
Veteran Player LF Guild
Looking for guild on stalaag with raid times 9pm-1am EST
Elemental Shaman LF Raiding group
[A] | Fairbanks | LF Raiding Guild
LF Social PVE guild [H] EST (Hunter)
Horde rogue LF Guild HEROD
LF Fairbanks tight knit Horde guild and ppl to join!
LF PvE/PvP guild
[Horde] Myzrael LF Guild
Every Single Guild Recruitment Ad Goes Here
Holy Priest LF HC HORDE PvE Guild - NA EST
Priest / Warrior Looking for PVP and Raiding Guild EST
(H) Orc Warlock LF late night raid guild on Faerlina
3 experienced raiders looking for a guild
[H] Guild on Fairbanks Pvp Server LFMs
FREE TO A GOOD HOME - One retired 25 man hardcore raider (H-Mankrik)
New guild on myzrael
Looking for casual fun Guild PVE
[H] Whitemane <Clique> Community & 2 day Raiding Guild
Horde Ranged DPS looking for Morning or Late night raiding guild NA
Group of 3 looking for Guild
Looking for guild on pvp sever NA. making either gnome mage or dwarf priest
LF Classic Guild

I will roll with you folks. Gnome mage eng…

Discord does not come up…

awesome. your in. thanks for joinining

I’m gonna roll what I know and love (Warlockery), however… vanilla comps mattered much more than they do currently. Let me know if anything is missing from the comp, and I will do what is necessary, to support the goals of the team.

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Is this a Horde or Alliance guild?

We’re rolling Horde.

I will not be rolling on Fairbanks due to the server imbalance showing up in multiple surveys / discord. 60%+ horde is no good, esp if the server is “full”