Shaman Spell Batching Exploit

Currently Shaman are able to exploit the current classic spell batching to cause both a cast spell ie: Lightningbolt and an instant shock to crit with their 100% critical strike on next spell talent Elemental Mastery. This is allowing them essentially double the effect on a consistent basis. I have had shaman double crit using this combo over 7 times in a row in one bg, demonstrating it is easily exploitable. It would be great to have batching or the spells themselves adjusted to not allow this now common exploit/bug.


That was a thing in Vanilla as well. It’s one of the Vanilla quirks that batching is meant to replicate.


A similar problem caused by batching is that if you cast shadowbolt, followed immediately by shadowburn, a grounding totem will eat both of them.


If so I don’t remember it being as prevalent or easily abusable, but I’ll have to check some old videos to see. Personally I don’t remember this being the case having played through most of vanilla and having a 49 twink shaman as well as a max level alliance I did pvp with all the time. Either way it seems bad there is so much room in the batch that someone can pull this off with 100% success rate. Batching was intended as a fix to our dial up internet systems. I doubt it was intended to allow double usage of 31 point talents.

With the change to stop/start attack macro’s affecting slam - now not allowing the slam and the auto attack to go off - this definatly needs to be looked at.

The buff clearly reads the next spell, not the nest spells cast within the same batch.

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Actually it was not, this is unique to Classic 2019.


Yes agreed, it seems there are many cases in which spell effects are being broken or expoiltable because of this. The shaman one was just the most consistent and noticeable example. It would be great to be able to fix all of these broken interactions if possible.

The double crit being a bug I can understand, but your shadowbolt shadowburn conundrum is completely within how grounding totem is supposed to work. It redirects all spells cast at the shaman. So, if you cast a travelling spell, it has a travel time. The immediate shadowburn immediately hits and kills the totem, but the shadowbolt has already been redirected since you fired it first. That’s not a problem with spell batching.

Edit: I’m a Nature’s Swiftness elemental shaman before you guys tell me I’m part of the problem, I don’t get elemental mastery.

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I’m not knocking people for using it, or anything for that matter. I am simply pointing out this; and it seems many other spells, are not functioning as they should. And the shadowbolt/shadowburn thing i would have to test as well. All of this due to this re-creation of vanilla spell batching. I assume these were non issues in vanilla because everyone had such bad internet a lot of this never came into play. But breaking so many spells; especially in a pvp environment, just to add in a tiny bit of nostalgic flavor and interaction in classic does not seem like a reasonable trade off to me.

Like I said, the shadowbolt/shadowburn thing isn’t spell batching. It’s because as you fire the traveling spell, it’s automatically redirected. If you burn the totem with an instant hit spell, the traveling spell isn’t going to redirect itself. It’s like when you’re in a group, and you fling a spell at a target, but then the target dies before the spell hits. You do 0 damage, but you still lose your mana. It’s not spell batching, it’s just being impatient. Same thing happens if you frostbolt/fire blast, or wrath/moonfire.

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No it’s not. Being able to pop Elemental Mastery and unload a Chain Lightning/Earth Shock guaranteed double crit is a well documented thing from Vanilla.


Well documented - sure - as was a paladins rek. Go ask any paladin (namely Theloras) how much has changed from vanilla.

The thing is it becomes abusing it (and by default an exploit) because its not the intended design of the talent. Spell batching is allowing you to gain a double buff. This doesnt happen without exact timing to make it happen.

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As I said, this was one of the quirks of Vanilla that Blizz was attempting to keep by implementing spell batching. Ergo it’s not exploiting anything.

Do I care if it’s fixed or remains as it is? No. I’m simply stating a fact.

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Its not a bloody quirk. Its a failure of a game mechanic. It was a issue back in the day and should have been fixed when coming back to it.

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show us documented proof that it existed in Vanilla then plz


Except for almost the entire lifespan of the shaman class during vanilla it was NOT possible.

It only became possible in very unlikely situations after patch 1.11, in other words it was basically not even remotely close to being a normal “quirk” of Vanilla WoW by any stretch of the imagination.

Additionally “batching” in Vanilla was just different in actual Vanilla , this thing they have us does not accurately reflect vanilla batching.


I’m not an expert but have read a little about it. To sum it up they nerfed all similar effects in vanilla. They can’t find proof of the nerf on shamans in reference client on this patch. So it’s blizzlike…? maybe

So they keeping it as it, lol

Whether or not that’s true idk. But it seems odd literally every other class with similar mechanics was nerfed but shaman was not.

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Not all spells - one.

Grounding Totem - Summons a Grounding Totem with 5 health at the feet of the caster that will redirect one harmful spell cast on a nearby party member to itself every 10 seconds.

If the Shadowbolt was cast and redirected first, then the Shadowburn should never hit the totem.

Or, if as you’re saying, that the Shadowburn kills the totem first, then the Shadowbolt should not be redirected to a dead/non-existing totem.

It doesn’t make sense and shouldn’t happen either way.

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Yeah, but it’s how WoW still works. (Grounding totem is currently a pvp talent) So it’s probably one of the last things to be changed, I think it’s too hard coded in. Like I was saying to the other guy, if you bolt+shadowburn someone and it kills them, the shadowbolt still travels to the person’s corpse and you’re still out the mana. The spell can’t unredirect itself.

I guess my point is I agree about the double crit bug being too cheesy. I was just saying that the bolt+burn is not spellbatching since that’s how it still works in retail. It’s related to attacks headed towards targets that died mid flight.

Lmao Alliance QQing. Must suck getting one shotted 10 times in a row in a WSG. If you see an elemental shaman with berserking running after you…RUN!!! (OR BUBBLE HEARTH LMAO)