Oh look yet another Paladin bug - Vindication is proccing against Raid Bosses

Vindication is landing on Nefarian…


and Vael


1.10 patch notes say hold my beer…

  • Most creatures that were previously immune to Scorpid Sting are now also immune to the Paladin Talent Vindication.

but hey, let’s fix really important stuff like Paladin mount particle effects amirite?

I mean if the talent were actually worth a damn and able to trigger JoW procs like it did during TBC I wouldn’t bother with this bug report, but gg at all of this coding going on here guys…

for reference
the bonus JoW procs are not from SoB since blizzard removed that in patch 2.1
the bonus JoW procs are from Vindication
you see Immune at the top
and the JoW procs at the bottom right
here for example at this timeframe


So I’m guessing this bumps off a debuff that is more useful, which is making guilds even more hesitant to use a ret pally?

Vindication does literally nothing in PvE - NPCs do not have stats like AGI or STR - they have set dmg ranges.

Vindication being proc’d in raids with 16 debuff slot limit is just insult to injury at this point…on top of Consecration taking up a hidden debuff slot and Nightfall being utter and complete garbage since they put through the TBC 2.4.2 version of it which procs less against targets above level 60.


Hahaha. Keep up the good fight Theloras. Maybe one day Bliz will allocate some resources to actually help. :smile:


maybe they should cut out the middle man and just hire me to fix all this bs


That’s another yikes…

Actually, there has been some work done around stats and bosses. It appears bosses do in fact have stats in CLASSIC. Not sure if that is how they were in Vanilla. For some reason only Sleeping Willow reduces stats and does have a effect on the bosses AP, allegedly. I’m not sure if the research was abandoned or not, but it was being discussed with the Screech+DR research since it was visibly returning a change in values.

yes hence why I think we have the later xpac version or reasonable facsimile thereof for Vindication present in Classic - where it would reduce the target’s attack power by 10% * Talent

  • Vindication
  • {{{cast_time}}} sec [cast]
  • Requires Paladin
  • Your Crusader Strike and Hammer of the Righteous reduce physical damage done by their primary targets by 10% for 30 sec.