Additional Paladin bugs on Classic = sad in the pants

I asked Pride to PM me via discord his report seeing as he is an EU player so I am posting his findings and evidence here for him in the NA forums:

1. Consecration + Batching Consecration appears to be losing ticks due to batching.

Normally, the spell is cast on batch 1, then the hidden debuff it applies is cast 1 to 2 batches later, so batches 2-3, rarely 4.

Say you cast Consecration at T = 0, but because of a late batch the debuff only gets applied at T = 0.8 - 1.

If you cast your next Consecration on cooldown (so T = 8), the debuff is already on the target due to the previous cast, ticks one more time, but it counts as being part of the new Consecration, and the new Consecration only gets to tick 7 more times.

Essentially in that situation, you lost either the last tick of the first cast, or the first tick of the second cast.

Screenshot example:

Those 2 casts got a combined 15 ticks instead of 16, because the 10:02.322 tick appears to have counted for both the first cast and the second cast, as described above

2. Consecration + Raids

Consecrate also appears to be losing ticks due to spell miss, and it’s unknown if that’s intentional.

On top of that and ticks lost to batching however, it appears to be losing a very high number of ticks in raids.

With the 17% base spell miss chance vs bosses, Consecration should be losing 1.36 ticks per cast, or ticking 6.64 times total per cast.

Going through various logs however, the real world average appears to be anywhere between 5 and 5.6 ticks per cast, which is 16% to 25% less.

In the tests we did for spell batching, we were only losing ~1.8% of our ticks total, so the remaining 14 to 23% has yet to be explained, with the leading theory being that it’s related to the debuff falling off and reapplying itself repeatedly.

3. Judgement of the Crusader and Sanctity Aura

The +holy damage bonus that Paladin spells get due to Judgement of the Crusader does not appear to be increased by Sanctity Aura.

At 384 base damage for rank 5 and a 0.336 spell power scaling, casting Consecrate with 120 spell power correctly did (384 + (120 * 0.336)) = 424 - 425 (due to rounding) Holy damage. Using Sanctity Aura on top of that correctly increased that damage by 10%, i.e. each Consecrate cast did 466 to 467 Holy damage.

The same did not hold true for Judgement of the Crusader though. Rank 6 + Improved Seal of the Crusader yields +161 holy damage, and Consecration correctly did (384 + (161 * 0.336)) = ~438 damage, with some variance due to rounding. Using Sanctity Aura on top of that however only increased the damage to 476 - 477 damage per cast, which is not 10% more, but rather consistent with with (384 * 1.1) + (161 * 0.336), aka Sanctiy Aura only applied to the base damage of Consecration and the JotC bonus was applied separately.

Similar results were observed with Seal of Command’s damage, though it’s harder to test Seal / Judgement as it is prone to variance.


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Consecration counts as a debuff slot I believe Blizzard clarified, could be the cause of poor raid damage.

lol nope - not a single blue response in over 4 months and counting…