Proc Weapons and the GCD

Iv noticed other weapons behaving like this as well where the procs just seem non existent except while auto attacking. This really needs to be addressed. Bump Bump.

I wouldn’t be surprised if proc abilities like Seal of Command or items like Hand of Justice where affected by this, might be good to look in to spells and non weapons as well.

Hand of Justice has already been debunked as not being affected by the GCD on the Fight Club discord I believe
Even just looking at the proc on WoWhead, it is categorized as a 0sec GCD (so not affected by the GCD) spell, same goes for Seal of Command (don’t know if it has been debunked by the paladin discord yet tho)

I used both SoC and HoJ during my log at the top. Both procced during the GCD without issue.

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Really good find. No wonder proc based weapons feel so bad in classic and I hope this does get addressed soon.


The team took another comprehensive look at Nightfall and other similar proc-based weapon and item effects with this new information and we can confirm that certain effects cannot proc while under the effects of the Global Cooldown triggered by certain abilities. However, after extensive testing in the reference client, we can also confirm that this is true and accurate to original World of Warcraft as well.

We also discovered that there were specific provisions built into the original game to force this to be true. However, we discovered that this is true only if the spell or ability that triggered the GCD was flagged as a magic-based attack (or more specifically, spells flagged in our data with a defense category of “magical”).

This means that most physical abilities or spells that incur the GCD will not block these procs from firing while the GCD is in effect. An example of this is a Warrior’s Hamstring ability. This has a defense category of “physical”, thus you can still see Nightfall procs occur while you are on GCD following the usage of Hamstring. Alternatively, Demoralizing Shout has a defense category of “magical” and you will not see Nightfall or certain other items proc during the GCD immediately following that spell’s usage.

At this point it’s somewhat unclear if this was the original design intent or not, but at worst this was a quirk of how the original game was built, and at best this was part of the original design. Either way, this is not something that we currently consider to be a bug.

Thank you for the post about this, Smeet. Thank you as well to all of the other players who contributed to the super diligent research on this topic. We were glad to be able to revisit this and help clarify some of the inconsistencies players were experiencing around this and other proc-based items.

Edit: For posterity, I wanted to update this post and include a link to another thread with additional information on this issue (here)


Just because people did not have the same ability to catch bugs in vanilla does not mean they were not bugs.


Can you clarify if this is how it’s currently working and intended to work or if you need to fix physical abilities blocking procs on the GCD?

Thank you for the prompt response! I appreciate it greatly.

There are just a few things I’d like to say.

You may want to check this part on classic, as wingclip was certainly blocking the auto attack procs, and is a physical attack (unless it is coded as magical for some reason).

While he can’t post on the forums anymore, Theloras did ask Kevin Jordan (one of the original WoW devs) about this on his discord.

Kevin JordanYesterday at 7:27 PM
Don’t remember things working like this. If correct, I would have considered it a bug back in the day.

So, it likely wasn’t an intended interaction. There’s some evidence that Seal of Command also suffered from this bug and was fixed from being interrupted by it during the 1.11.2 patch

Fixed a bug where sometimes casting a spell immediately after a swing would prevent Seal of Command from triggering.

Overall, I don’t believe this “quirk” of the game is worth preserving, but hey, I’m not the one in charge here.

Thanks again. Have a great day!


So our shaman when he’s twisting, shocking, or doing anything else that isn’t an autoattack is basically doing nothing for us. Great design you got there. Totally worth exalted Thorium Brotherhood rep cost.

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You can still use abilities, just after the attacks land and before there is less than 1.5s left in the swing.

For Paladins it is 1s after swing start to 1.5s before swing ends…

Or on an unhasted nightfall… about 1s per swing of safe time

I don’t want to be pessimistic, but this just feels like some lack of love for Paladins and Shamans. Why must we suffer just because some of our attacks are considered magical?
This is clearly a bug

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If you guys could actually read, you’d see this is not a bug:

The original devs deliberately designed it like this. Should have taken it up with them 14 years ago.

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Designed or overlooked?

Myself and a few others are leaning towards overlooked.


Well, let’s think about it logically:
Why should a melee player who uses swing procs have them sometimes not happen because they used a certain type of ability before their swing?

I don’t think that a warrior should lose their ability to proc just because they cast Battle Shout after charging.
I am an FQA Tester myself, and I would bug the heck outta this.

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How many bugs were found by blizzard and fixed compared to how many bugs were found by players and subsequently fixed.

As I said just because it was not found in vanilla does not mean this was not a bug.


Speaking as an FQA tester myself:
We miss a lot

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The only thing y’all are overlooking is 4th grade reading comprehension. Read the quoted sentence again, and again, until you understand what “specific provisions built into the game to force this to be true” means.

It means they deliberately did this, and went out of their way to create extra rulesets to ensure this.

Then it is bad coding and laziness to try and make it better. The items do not say that they cannot proc if you are currently using another skill while using a melee attack.

So basically, they’ve said they don’t care whether it is supposed to be one way or another and you can figure out what actually works in the system they do not understand how to fix.

But sir, I believe you may need to expand how far you read. Their immediate following statements were

“However, we discovered that this is true only if the spell or ability that triggered the GCD was flagged as a magic-based attack (or more specifically, spells flagged in our data with a defense category of “magical”).”

Which means that they did not foresee this occurring as a result.
It’s an old error that did not mean enough back in the day to be caught by players or devs alike. This kind of stuff sweeps under the radar of released games all the time and gets fixed later when found.