Lifestealing enchant and Drain Life weapon/item procs cannot crit since 1.13.3

TLDR - multiple Paladins in the theory crafting discord have reported that ever since patch 1.13.3 went live a few weeks ago, Lifestealing enchant and Drain Life procs are not able to crit any longer:

fusionpitToday at 11:58 AM

no crits in 601 casts
(7.04% spell crit according to dejaclassicstats)

ThelorasToday at 1:08 PM

which weapon is that?

fusionpitToday at 1:13 PM

Skullflame Shield

Hello! Illucia from Blaumeaux here and i’m the resident Shadowstrike paladin. I can’t post the logs from warcraft logs here. But if you look me up on nov 5th vs Dec 17th, you can see that it does not appear to be critting any longer.

Damage over time and chance on hit effects from weapons either from equips or enchants do not critical. Warcraft Logs is a poor example of trying to prove this as logs can be faked.

Fiery Weapon can crit. Fiery Blaze can crit. The AoE on Skullflame Shield can crit.

Lifesteal was critting prior to 1.13.3.

I’ll re-phrase. There not supposed to.

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Fiery Weapon crit all throughout Vanilla.

Looks like a bug fix. Everything I can find seems to point to Lifestealing not being able to crit in Vanilla.


that would go against everything else that is a spell and functions in that same manner though…

Yeah, I don’t try to make sense of anything. I just find evidence and link it.

That blog was from 2006, you see the combat log tests he did, right? Hundreds of procs there, 0 crits.

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keep in mind that it will all vary depending on what class you are using when testing - Rogues and Warriors will not have any spell crit to speak of - compared to Paladins


from the first link

unfortunately, this Paladin doesn’t say whether he got crits or not from his Lifestealing procs from the blog comment post:

Noen writes

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Sorry for a slightly misspelling in last comment, I ofcourse mean attackspeed, not attackpower.

However, I got myself lifestealing on my Hand of edward the odd, and started beating up people in stockades.

Here is the result after 5 minute combat with seal of crusader:
235 hits
34 lifesteal procs
9 heroism card heals
8 maelstrom lightnings

And without the seal of crusader:
181 hits
26 lifesteal procs
9 heroism
3 lightning strikes

Using the Chance to hit(%) formula, I expected:
22,625 lifesteal procs without seal of crusader. (1.60 attackspeed)
20,915 lifesteal procs with seal of crusader. (1.14 attackspeed)

So it seems like seal of crusader boosts the proc rate :slight_smile:

# 4 Sep 2006, 14:56


Hello Blizzard! We are still awaiting your reply on this!


ectoplasmic distiller gets hotfixed and nerfed within a week of the report and yet this bug report has been sitting fallow since December 2019…

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