Clarification on Brutosaur availability on BMAH

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Just wanted to clarify this and the reason the tongues are wagging.

Someone on the GD said a website (not Wowhead) has been tracking Longboi and claim they haven’t seen him for months on any sever. Then the guy from GD also claimed he opened a ticket and the GM said it’s only found in the container now.

We would like to know, please, if this is the truth or we’re being had.

p.s. If this turns out to be true, this is a big “shame on you” moment for Blizzard. The first time we found out Longboi was going extinct was from Wowhead posting an article that said the AH NPC was missing then a player making a thread about it on the forums. Then we had a blue say “yeah it’s true.”

It would be really great if you didn’t do this to the players again.

(You = Blizz, not you personally, Kal)

Press 1 for doubt.

That would be considered a game hint, something GMs are specifically forbidden from sharing.


To jump on this: GMs ain’t known to just say ‘Yeah, this was given X% to drop’ or ‘This is where you get X’. More to the point, General forum isn’t known for saying the most useful/truthful things at times.

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To play Devil’s Advocate, the screenshot in question never showed a confirmation either way.

All it showed was the GM saying they could not find any additional information regarding changes to the availability of the Bruto on the BMAH (other than the recent hotfix in question). So basically, neither confirming nor denying whether it can be outside of the Container.

Of course, there is a disclaimer. We have no proof of the authenticity of the screenshot in question. It has seemed to have changed hands a few times.


While the OP of that thread is not the person that opened that ticket, the response in the screenshot does appear to be from our support team.

However, the Game Master in that screenshot essentially said ‘the only info available is what was stated in the hotfix notes’. This is generally because GMs do not provide game hints, and providing something other than what is stated in the hotfix blog would likely be considered a hint.

That response seems to have been taken as “it’s only available in the container” which is not how I would have interpreted the GM here.

Regardless, I don’t think we need to speculate further right now. I’m still waiting to hear back from the feelers I put out yesterday. I’ll update this thread once I have info to provide.


Trust me when I say that one of the other threads (that has since been 404’d), all of this had been explicitly pointed out. But it was also buried quickly into the debate of why it was created if they wanted to remove it, how it was removed (no matter who reported it first, it was still available for nearly a year from the time of the announcement), and all of the typical idiocy. Myself and a few others tried to point out that it said nowhere that it was removed. It was just a hot mess and I finally just had to leave it. Though I am watching here to see what comes of it.

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I received word back -

When the mount was removed from the vendor, it was added to rotation in the BMAH. The hotfix update on July 14th is intended only to add the mount to the container as well.

So now the mount could show up on its own or as loot dropped from the container.

At this time, it all appears to be working as intended :slight_smile:


Thank you so much Kalviery!


Thanks Kalviery for the great support.


Thank you so much for the update.


clicks for clear answer!

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ive noticed since the july 14 hotfix to add it to the unclaimed box as a potential drop, it hasn’t shown up as a stand alone item since then on both EU and NA AFAIK. ive taked to EU BMAH community workers, and myself who checks over 30 low pop realms every day + TSM and Since that hotfix we havent seen a single bruto appear.

Is it possible there is a Bug associated with the recent change that is preventing it from appearing ?
last recorded Bruto appearence on EU was 9th of july before the hotfix.

(edit: i play on NA)

thank you :slight_smile:

If you think there is a bug on EU realms, you’d need to report it on the EU bug report forums, or in-game.


It was actually posted the other day in my post on /r/woweconomy that someone had recently seen it on EU and it went for gold cap.

Saw the mount for gold cap on an eu server a week and a half ago

Link to comment


Well it’s been about 3 and a half months since the bug was repored and yet still no bruto on either NA or EU realms. as for “its rng you never know when it will pop up” ok how do you explain rng on every wow server not having one show up in that ammount of time. as for kalviery’s response " The hotfix update on July 14th is intended only to add the mount to the container as well" “At this time, it all appears to be working as intended” it is clearly not working as intended :frowning: no ammount of bug reports / forum posts seem to get anything fixed sadly.

RNG is RNG? If something only comes when you roll 100 on a 100 sided dice, there are gonna be times of a long dry spell, doesn’t mean it’s bugged.


Except I’ve seen posts saying that it has been seen.

If you wanted a sure thing, it was available for the entirety of BFA. Now, it happens when it happens. Maybe it won’t be seen again until sometime next year. Might be up in a day or two, none of us know.


Customer Support does not handle bugs, nor are they liaisons with the ones who handle bugs. The SFAs usually only report if there are webpage and store issues, or there is a login/crashing issue that suddenly appears.

In Blizzard’s opinion, it is.

That is your opinion.

If it’s working as intended according to Blizzard’s numbers and records then there is nothing to fix.

You don’t have all the internal information about it so you can’t make a definitive statement that it isn’t working as intended. Three and a half months of your observational numbers is not enough data to say if it is bugged or not. If you are relying on third-party sites for your information, they all have a page that says that their information may not be accurate.