Chains of Domination and Season 2 Dates and Information

Next week’s major content update and the start of Season 2 the following week will include some parts of the game becoming no longer available, as well as some new items that we’d like players to be aware of in advance.


As we previously announced, Season 1 will end at 10:00 p.m. PDT on June 28 in this region. After that time, we’ll be in an off-season state until Season 2 begins with the weekly reset on July 6. During the off-season, players can still participate in PvP activities and earn Conquest, but off-season efforts will not have any impact on Seasonal rewards. Keep in mind that Conquest will be reset to 0 on July 6. Honor will not be reset.


Castle Nathria will be open and available for raiders to take their last shots at earning the Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge achievements until the weekly reset on July 6 in this region. The new Sanctum of Domination raid will open for Normal and Heroic difficulties on July 6, with Mythic and Raid Finder difficulties opening on July 13.


The Season 1 Mythic+ achievements Keystone Conqueror (for finishing all dungeons in time at level +10 or higher) and Keystone Master (for finishing all in time at +15 or higher) will remain available to be earned until Season 2 begins on July 6. Don’t forget to spend your Valor before July 6 if you want to. All Valor will be converted to gold at that time.

The new dungeon Tazavesh, the Veiled Market will open on July 6.

Please be reminded that Great Vault rewards each week are based on activities from the previous week. This means that when you access the Great Vault after the weekly reset on July 6, it will offer Season 1 rewards. The first Season 2 offerings from the Great Vault will come after the weekly reset on July 13.


Thanks Kaviax. I will miss your updates when my sub ends in 1.5 months. You were always nice.


I guess it’s time to learn where Valor is spent, and on what.


If you’re not buying gear upgrades, you’ll wanna talk to this dude.

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Thanks for the info ,Kaviax.

Ooo, his stuff is cheap, too!

Thanks! I will now buy ALL the leather. :smiley:

Do we know yet how many levels the M+ keystones are dropping between seasons? In BFA it was -4.


Thanks for the answer. My guild has been wondering and has been getting a lot of mixed messages from different sources.

Dang I’ve been slowly grinding up the mythics and only made it to +9 and 8s lol. :heart: Maybe I will go crazy and try a bunch of 10s rq :joy:

Thanks for Sharing some info with us!

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They could try something new and reset to +2, so people can work their way up again to levels they are able to time.

At the risk of repeating myself, this is good information presented well. Why was this announced as late as it was? This is the kind of communication that should have been posted the same day the patch date was announced. There has been plenty of confusion and back and forth, with tickets sent to GMs, etc. All of that could have (and should have!) been prevented by simply posting this information… last week when the patch was announced.


Maybe they had a brainfart over at Blizz hq (or maybe they don’t care) They certainly don’t seem to care about adding the th nd or st behind dates in sentences, so it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch.

Yes, but what about worldpvp… When will that fixed?

Ouch on the Valor. I had read that would be tradeable to your alts. Maybe I misread.

With so much Flip Flopping on this is this the actual answer? last week you said otherwise.

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This would have been a good post about a week ago.

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Hello, please release the Raid Finder wings more quickly than 9.0.


So will conquest pvp gear be upgradable during the off-season week?

You’re talking about start of S2 honor that won’t be reset, but what about end of S1 honor?