Bugfix for Solenor the Slayer and Other Enemies

We’ve implemented a bugfix this week that should now be live in this region.

  • Fixed a bug that caused creatures such as Solenor the Slayer to misbehave when pursuing the player. Groups of creatures that commit to combat as a group will now all continue to pursue whenever any one of them are struck by a player attack or ability.

Solenor the Slayer should no longer reset if the player strikes the adds that he summons while he’s rooted, or if the player strikes Solenor himself. And now, if you aggro one of a group of creatures in any zone, and then you keep occasionally hitting any one of them, the whole group will follow you across the zone.


Nice! Too bad I had to cheese it already

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can you confirm if this aggro-linking mechanic is supposed to happen with King Gordok and Cho’Rush? there are videos from vanilla which suggest otherwise, ie: https://youtu.be/dXE_RR5XzE8?t=744 thanks!

if you need further information, what i mean is that when you hit king or cho currently, sometimes the other will change aggro onto you from your pet, even though you currently have no threat on them as a result of feigning


If you do this more often, like say what you’re actually doing, I think that would help

I’m going to keep playing but I’ve seen a few posts where people leave because of so and so bugs. Complete lack of communication just says “we aren’t doing anything” so that doesn’t do anything to retain your players

Just advice from a player, apologies if this comes across rude or anything


Does this mean I won’t be able to separate groups of adds with kiting so I can kill them one by one? Cause that was the only way to do a looooot of quests as a solo warrior.


This is only for enemies that are linked, as in you can’t pull them separately. Problematic for DM:N solo runs and for quests where an elite mob has an escort but won’t prevent pulling unlinked mobs and splitting one off by kiting.


That makes sense and I hope it is the case.

Would also like an answer to this. Can’t be an intended change.

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Please revert this change, it has broken how pulling and splitting mob aggro used to work.


Seriously. The original fix for Solenor is good, but this broke a LOT of stuff.


RIP any hunters that haven’t done Rhok quest already. Not being able to leash Simone’s pet is gonna make that fight so much harder.


That’s how it’s supposed to be, and was in vanilla. Them leashing apart was the bug. However the bug fix for this messed up other parts of the game

What? Quest Mobs are leashed to their spawn areas. This isn’t world bosses and dragons that wander here.



We investigated King Gordok and Cho’Rush the Observer, and this change does not affect their behavior. During that additional investigation, we discovered a bug with Eyes of the Beast relating to threat that might explain the odd behaviors you’re describing. We’re working on a fix for it.

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The bugfix to leash behavior of groups of enemies makes the game behave like it did in original WoW. We discovered the problem because of Solenor the Slayer, but it was a bug with all linked combat groups’ leashing behavior. The fix only affects linked combat groups with a leash timer, so there are still plenty of situations when you might attract the attention of multiple enemies and be able to split one off.


Yeah I definitely noticed this. I was able to cheese the centaur quest in Desolace where you blow the horn by pulling the main boss guy away from his guards.

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Yeah, pretty ridiculous. It is clear where their priorities are. Clearly not with Classic. I have canceled sub and have been browsing forums in hope that things would change. Was on my last straw as to whether or not I’d re-sub, and I am officially done now. Hah.


She was still a cakewalk with kiting both. I trapped the pet and kited her around the lake. It eventually caught up, but I was able to maintain distance from it with scatter and concussive while slowly dpsing the demon, since she is easy to kite while constantly stopping to cast lightning

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And this.



Yet i’ve done over 30 tribute runs for the past week and didn’t have any issue with doing them or any “Weird Behaviour” until you released this so called “Fix” that apparently does not impact the fight ? Hunters also don’t need to use eyes of the beast to solo tribute so unless im missing something that would have no impact on why the fight is behaving differently

Revert the changes or provide another “Fix” so that the 2 mobs don’t share the same threat table as it was prior to your current fix and as it was during vanilla

Stop ruining players fun and enjoyment on classic because you failed in retail stop trying to “Fix” things players don’t want fixed and focus on the things they are asking you to fix