Rhok'Delar Demon - Solenor the Slayer

The shadow shock-fear ability this demon does is hitting twice, so it is doing double damage, and apparently the second one is hitting through absorption mechanics somehow. He will also reset if you kite him more than about 40 yards from the position where you engage him, which is hilarious since the whole point of this boss is to kite. Make sure you kite him in a circle around his engagement position instead of a line away from it or you will not be happy. I don’t even see this demon being possible without a priest friend to buff you with fort/spirit/shadow prot and a shield to start the fight with these bugs.

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I don’t remember kiting that one back in the days, I was doing a circle the entire time. The kiting demon was the one in Winterspring if I recall correctly.

Does this also mean that you can no longer leash Simone’s pet if you kite her far enough?

Thats a pretty big change. No more slicing up grouped mobs by leashing the rest of the pack and picking them off one by one eh?

Can’t say I dislike that change either

Can you implement bug fixes to hunters like FD/Trap so that we can actually participate in pvp?


This is likely a far easier fix than scrapping spell batching.


Probably, yes.

lol how does blizzard f*** stuff up this bad?

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Thats the “99 cute little bugs” song.

"Take one down, patch it around.

127 cute little bugs in the code…"

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Groups of creatures that commit to combat as a group will now all continue to pursue whenever any one of them are struck by a player attack or ability.

Wait… what?
I know that was not the case with everything in the entire game. Thats a HUGE broad sweeping change.
What happened to #nochanges?

Edit: I guess I should be asking, grouped mobs or mobs with group ties. If a random quest mob is in a group, is it the same as a group of "grouped " mobs?

It’s in the spirit of Vanilla. #nochanges

#nochanges, this was apart of vanilla.

OK, this made me LOL. :laughing:

This is why we cant have nice things… because hunters.

Would hate to be levelling a warrior now.


some mobs are in a pack, where there’s just like five of them standing around. they aren’t linked together and don’t share combat beyond the initial aggro.

some mobs are linked, where if one is in combat they all are. this is the situation they’re referring to here.

I’m curious about how this affects stuff like:


I know for a fact that in Vanilla, I soloed these quests solely by the fact that I could shoot the named target, and kite long enough for the adds to leash.

And that behavior was consistent with what we saw coming into Classic (having completed those quests in the same way).

If it is no longer possible to leash adds like this, that’s a pretty massive change.

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The mob in Western Plaguelands comes to mind, where you need the hammer from a dirt mound. Used to be able to attack just the main guy and the rest would go away. Now they all chase. Makes that quest feel like an elite quest, they hit damn hard.

Why are you making changes to the game when this was in the game to begin with? are you going to patch all bugs that were in Vanilla? if so then this is not the game most of us want. Keep it the way it was.

I’m with you there. Everytime i tried to kill an elite for a quest chain i swear i’d find his guards pathing around without him. Annoying.