Automation + Auto Kick + Auto Grounding + AI vs Rated PvP

Hello everyone.

We all know blizzard try to fight scripters, third-party program usage and cheaters in general.

So I want to talk about ClearTarget() function.
First of all I’m not a developer and some of the code below can be terrible (but working).
Secondly, we all know that CastSpellByName() function is protected to avoid unintended usage.

But what about this?

/run if not (UnitCastingInfo(“target”) or UnitChannelInfo(“target”)) then ClearTarget() end;
/cast [@target, exists, nodead] Spell Lock
/stopmacro [exists]

or, perhaps, this?

/run if(AuraUtil.FindAuraByName(“Banner of the Horde”, “target”, “HELPFUL”)) then ClearTarget() end
/cast [@target, exists, nodead] Death Coil
/stopmacro [exists]

or this (protect HoJ in Grounding)

# showtooltip 
/run for i=1,10 do local D = UnitBuff("target",i); if D == "Grounding Totem" then ClearTarget() end end; 
/cast [@target, exists, nodead] Hammer of Justice 
/stopmacro [exists] 

Fade protection

/run for i=1,10 do local D = UnitBuff("target",i); if D == "Phase Shift" then ClearTarget() end end; 
/cast [@target, exists, nodead] Intimidation 
/stopmacro [exists] 

These simple macros can help users automate their gameplay. For example, such macros can make interrupts always hit other player’s cast or prevent spells usage if there’s any buff (like divine shield or anti-magic shell) that denies their impact.
In my opinion, many people could’ve used such macros to have advantage over other players in arena.
I think it’s a big problem for the whole PvP community and it should be fixed as fast as possible.

Bicmex video:

This is rn working on retail wow, and 8/10 shamans that you will meet and not only shamans use this.

In addition to all this, there is a program that automatically presses the button for you with a macro called AutoHotKey.

And now I turn into a warlock and begin the ritual of summoning wow community council.
Move my topic to the consuls section. So that Blizzard would fix this problem as soon as possible, which has existed for unknown years, and is already occurring in rated pvp. Even people like Jaime x322 R1 gladiator use these macros on AWC.

Bonus Video: _


thats a pretty wild accusation to the whole 10 shamans that play the game


Yooo wtf so this macro makes it possible you never give precog?


Yeah this is absolutely absurd after watching that lmao.

But also like this would’ve been in the game since vanilla too and people are just realizing this now.

Wild stuff


Macromancers are rare and those who usually find something like this keeps it hidden for YEARS


Always knew blizzard had a secret class in the game


Why make a bot when you could make a macro

Psure theres cast sequence macros out there that does the game 4 u lmao

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Yea Precog going to be useless real soon

Honestly I’m kinda impressed that this went under the radar for 15 years ngl.

Kinda makes me wonder too if my theory on every warrior sitting there spamming charge with their normal rotation is something else :thinking:


This explains so much…Impossible to juke this.

Makes me wonder who’s doing this on the top end and for how long.


Please guys, raise this topic as often and loudly as possible, and we also need your support on Twitter. We need resonance, this needs to stop as quickly as possible.

Now everyone is using it, and honest guys are losing their ratings.


They say they have been using it for about two months now. There are also rumors that he has been working since the 1st season of DF in narrow circles. Also used in tournaments. Jaime admitted that he used it the same way.

Works on WotLK too.


You could always use spell reflect to give precog. :smiley:

Im sure people have had this figured out much longer then that. It's not rocket science. just require someone to read and know whats possible. Most gamers have 0 clue about any of that. BUT if you have a friend ....... well

Any1 notice a trend? Absolutely none of them are helpful to priest and actually handicap them. Shows you mage tears have been plotting against us for years.

You know who you are, pal. Ol lurker looking head

It is slightly less cringe if these ClearTarget() macros have been working only since Dragonflight launch and not for 15+ years since vanilla. TY for the post. hope it gets fixed quickly

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This is depressing


finally another thing i can blame Ls on, was starting to run dry on excuses


Im actually gonna try this macro tomorrow. Theres no way this works. If so melees are saved by the precog terrors that roam lobbies

Or hell i might open up a ticket and ask on our behalf if its legal or not

Theres 0 chance you can get banned for a ingame macro

Good. It takes a feature in the game since launch day to fix a busted addition currently.

Blizzard shouldnt have added precog to begin with